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Hi everyone! We are helping The Knitting Factory get the word out about the upcoming show with ZION I, The Grouch and Eligh on March 29th. We have TEN tickets to give away. To win….LIKE and SHARE this post. We’ll pick 2 winners for guest list per day until the show on Friday

People keep asking why we keep asking for extras….well as Star Wars nerds, when we saw the fan project Star Wars: Uncut, we couldn’t believe it what we witnessed. They took Episode 4, A New Hope, and chopped it up into 20 second chunks. Then after the fans went and re-shot the scenes however they wanted to, the producers piece it back together. What results is a non-stop laugh-a-thon (first time typing that!) of mostly low budget, hilarious scenes….sometimes live action, somet  More...

Since we are heading into a big winter in a venue that had previously been a late night location, I’m going to give everyone a little heads up about our upcoming gigs at 1Up, located at 214 W Commercial Row. 214 W Commercial Row is a great space, no matter what the name on the outside reads. It’s a really fantastic size for our type of shows. We can be loud. We can go late. Drinks aren’t expensive. Be nice to the staff and they’ll be nice back. No one ever told us what to book, what to c  More...