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Welcome Burners! Playafurgoddess69 here and let me say it’s great to have you through our lovely town again! We realized some of you haven’t been to Reno before, OR have been coming through for years and don’t know about a few hidden secrets and guess what? There is a ton of new, awesome stuff in our fair city. We absolutely love it here and can’t imagine anywhere else we’d rather live. We also love it when you look at us in horror when we say that. The joke truly h  More...

Howdy all! You need room discounts for after the Burn? We have em for you. Whether you are on a budget or really want to splurge, take a look at all the room discounts available via our downtown partners. Staying downtown puts you right near the big event, Pretty Lights + massive TBA at the Reno Events Center on September 6th! You can grab some tickets now or pick them up when you arrive. There are still some $36 tickets left at online then they go up to $40 These rates are guaranteed until Augu  More...

Answer a couple of questions for your chance to win (1) ONE Night Suite at a participating hotel for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday Night during The Great Depressurization Chamber. OR (1) An Option of another surprise VIP experience in Reno during The Great Depressurization Chamber.