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This gives you the 411 on everything you need to know for the RL GRIME NOVA TOUR at Reno Events Center. Keep in mind, we will be updating this page as we receive more info (such as set times, etc) so keep checking back and also make sure you are checking the EVENT PAGE ON FACEBOOK for up-to-date info. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @freshbakin for live posts.


Venue Name: Reno Events Center
Venue Address: 400 N Center Street Reno, NV
Doors open: 6:00pm
Music begins: 7:00pm
Age restrictions: All ages welcome (must have valid ID for alcohol)
Weather Conditions: Incredible!!
Road Conditions: Clear!


7:00pm Kittens
7:35pm Graves
8:35pm RL Grime



ONLY PURCHASE TICKETS FROM TRUSTED SOURCES! Our official outlet is The Melting Pot World Emporium. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Tickets are $30 flat at The Melting Pot and TM outlets until Sunday morning, where they are then $30+taxes and fees. You can purchase at any Ticketmaster location (Smiths, etc) or Events Center box office.

You can purchase with cash or card at the Reno Events Center Box office for $36 FLAT!

There are also a couple people selling hand-to-hands for $35. Check the Facebook event page. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Only buy from trusted sources.

You can also purchase tickets at any Ticketmaster outlets or online (fees are pretty high online!)

WuKi, Apollo, Scott Gear, Punktematrix, Smitten
1Up (21+) // 10pm // $5 with stub from RL Grime
• • •
The Bluebird (18+) // 10pm // $5 with stub from RL Grime

BRING (Permitted Items)

Identification (required to consume alcohol)
1 factory sealed plastic water bottle
1 soft plastic empty water bottle
Cigarettes (no smoking inside REC, smoking area available)
Unopen candy/gum (personal amounts)
Camelbacks (bladders must be SOFT, DRY and TOTALLY EMPTY)
Your best friends
Small backpacks/small purses/fanny packs
LED battery-operated light-up toys, gloves
Personal amount of unopened candy, gum.
Totems (no wood or metal or heavy materials, no sharp edges/points)
Costumes (Aqua/water themes are cool!)
Good vibes
Tight dance moves
Hula Hoops
Fake moustaches
Wookies wearing sombreros
Tiny hats
Tiny Dancers

LEAVE AT HOME (Restricted Items & Actions)

Cameras with detachable leses, Audio/Video recorders (GoPros are OK)
Vape Pens of any kind (sorry, we tried!)
Large backpacks (nothing larger than a small Camelback)
Aircraft carriers, tanks and other large military vehicles
Glass, cans or metal water bottles
Hard plastic water bottles
Lasers, laser pointers or flash lights
Body sprays
Guns, knives, tasers, mace or ANY glass items
Outside alcohol or food
Illegal drugs or other substances
Newborn tiny ponies or dinosaurs
Chains of any size including wallet chains
Glo poi, glow staffs or anything on strings
Pets (including Taun Tauns and Ewoks)
Open gum or candy
Any prescription medications not in their appropriate container with matching name
Moshing or crowd surfing
Any item or action deemed to challenge public safety
Musical instruments
Christmas trees

A full pat-down search of all patrons is required for entry
You may be ejected from the venue without the opportunity to return for violating any of the above restrictions
Confiscated audio/video materials will not be returned
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