No explanation neededWe’ve received some emails and messages…. ”Why no shows in Tahoe till July? Are you mad at us?” HA! No…after 11 years we’ve beat our heads against the wall enough times to realize that in a tourist-influenced economy the shoulder season is a tough time for people! Lots of people are out of work or have way less work, thus don’t have the money to spend on a lot of shows.

Also people are less likely to travel here. Since we pretty much can’t have a show without our buddies at Soulstice Sound around, we decide to lay low, do yoga, eat well and focus on The Bounce, Reno, San Diego and LA. Also…our kick off for summer is going to be AWESOME


YEA….THE BOUNCE… we are focusing so much of our energy on THE BOUNCE! Which is going to be the most amazing year yet in our new location.

In the meantime, if you are in Tahoe there are plenty of great times around the shoulder season with people like Chango Loco, Mindful Massive, Crystal Bay Club and others we’re forgetting about at this time putting on shows and parties.