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Mar 2 2017

Fresh Bakin’ presents Dirtwire, live at The Bluebird in Reno, Nevada.

Kendra Blum

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By Kendra Blum.

Dirtwire brings us an eclectic mix of natural, electronic, and percussion, all while creating a multi-cultural whirlwind of melodies. The group is composed of David Satori (Beats Antique), Evan Fraser (Bolo), and Mark Revely (Jed and Lucia). These three fuse together their ideals and musical abilities casting a rhythmic journey on their audiences.  Heavily influenced by Asian, African, Jazz, and blues the trio is bound to keep your fingers snappin’ and your toes tappin’.

They will be lighting up the dance floor at The Bluebird– a newly opened space here in Reno. The new owners devoted a lot of their investments to forming not only an auditory pleasing ambiance but also a visually appealing one as well.  Not to mention those, Funktion-Ones!

To begin the night, Dirtwire will be accompanied by Ninth Child, Kelly Proud and Coop da Loop.

Ninth Child coming straight from Los Angeles, CA will be casting an electronic vibe. She is a singer and producer. 808’s on the forefront.

Kelly Proud thrilled the crowd at her last performance at The Bluebird. She pairs piano with enticing vocals and makes a perfect addition to the night’s multi-formatted musical agenda.

Coop Da Loop has been in the circuit for some time. Enthralling listeners with his diverse djing- he touches downtempo genres, funk, and much more.

Tickets will be available through Eventbrite and will be $16 presale, $20 day of the show.

Buy tickets here:

Doors open at 9 p.m.