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Welcome Burners! Playafurgoddess69 here and let me say it’s great to have you through our lovely town again! We realized some of you haven’t been to Reno before, OR have been coming through for years and don’t know about a few hidden secrets and guess what? There is a ton of new, awesome stuff in our fair city.

We absolutely love it here and can’t imagine anywhere else we’d rather live. We also love it when you look at us in horror when we say that. The joke truly has been on you the whole time. (kidding, kidding…not really)

Here are a few of our favorite things that we want to share with you that will help you navigate Reno…….and by the way….DON’T LEAVE YOUR GARBAGE IN OUR PARKING LOTS AND ON THE SIDE OF OUR HIGHWAYS. Carrying on….


Pretty Lights, Dr Fresch, Funk Hunters, Worthy, Lil Uzi Vert, Mikey Lion & Porkchop, Fort Knox Five ft Qdup (taking the set time at The Beach at the Grand Sierra Resort that JonH has held for 5+ years), Pink Mammoth, Motion Potion, etc etc etc…it’s all happening in Reno after Burning Man. This party has been going on for EIGHT YEARS so if you know, you really know. You probably have friends that don’t even go to BRC anymore, they just come to the afterparty. If you think “how do people have energy after Burning Man?”  Well….let us show you :::rolls on latex glove:::



We have secured a lot of lodging deals for you at Grand Sierra, Silver Legacy, Circus Circus, Eldorado, and Whitney Peak Hotel. Cheapest prices here:

READ THIS–> HOTELS SELL OUT the MONDAY AND TUESDAY after Burning Man. Seriously, the whole city. Book a room now.  I know you think you are driving straight home to be at work on Tuesday morning. But you aren’t. Do the safe thing and get some sleep and shower as most of the world doesn’t smell like you.

Plus check out the Morris Burner Hotel.


1) Forget something really important that can fit in a car? Text Kiley Howard and he may courier it (no small packages or illegal shit!) 775-250-3010
2) Burner Express leaves from Reno Airport


1) The Melting Pot World Emporium has been a Reno staple for over 20 years. From scarves to clothing, pipes to whippets, mens and women’s fashions and more…this is the place to start. You can buy tickets for afterburn parties here too

2) C.U.L.T.U.R.E. focuses on ladies apparel, but does have men’s too. My sister loves this place. The buyer has great taste and the clothing is fashionable, funky and does not break your bank.

3) Junkee Clothing Exchange has everything you could want out of a second-hand store and the employees will assist you if you go in and say “I’m looking to dress up as a Valley Girl martian on ketamine who is the patient of Vincent Price’s  character from ‘The Tingler.”‘ They’ll do it. Try them.

4) Poly Esthers Boutique lives, breathes and dies Black Rock City year round. Need a furry coat, leather utility belts or light-up EL wire clothing? This is your spot.

5) Bad Apple opened pretty recently by our friend Fran and has clothing and accessories for both sexes. She has a tight eye for funky and stylie clothing. It’s right next to A Downtown Barbershop, so you can shop while you wait to get your hairs did.

6) Chocolate Walrus has sexy and stylish clothes and costumes AND is your spot to buy lube, condoms, dildos and other sexual fun toys. Personally I can’t imagine anything grosser these days than sex and Burning Man but I guess some people say “nothing that a wet wipe and Viagra can’t fix.” WRAP IT UP PEOPLE….and you can never use enough lube.

7) We also have a TON of thrift stores and consignment stores.


1) Reno Bike Project – 501c3…you can even drop your bikes back off at end or Burning Man

2) Black Rock Bikes great selecton. They have a large supply and sell out every year


1) A Downtown Barbershop‘s Carlton and company is a great spot to get that tight fade, some zippers in your dome or that beard lined out for the playa.

2) Aura Salon: Heather McHenry & River Fruhwirth. Colors, cuts, for men & women. They are amazing women

3) Jensen & Company: Just won “best salon” in Best of Northern Nevada

FOOD (save your frozen meals for BRC…let us cook for you)

1)  Moo Dang (Thai): This place is the effing bomb. We recommend the the tom yum(!!!!!), salt and chili wings, crispy green papaya salad (!!!!), the curries, red pork and there is great beer available. Seriously folks…..don’t sleep on this.

2) Los Gallos Taqueria: You won’t find a better taqueria in town. Period. Very authentic. Honestly my favorite taqueria on the west coast. “You’ve never been to SoCal” you say. Yes, I have eaten my way through many barrios throughout central American and SoCal. This is at the top. The cabeza, carnitas, carne asada, and ceviche tostada are A+. I recommend with the tacos order them without salsa (only onion and cilantro) and add your own from their giant homemade salsa bar. They have great horchata to Mexican orange Fanta. mmmmmmm

3) The Cheese Board is only open for brunch/lunch. Great specials salads, soups, sandwiches made with love. Reno staple.

4) For SANDWICHES…. if you are in the general area of chain store hell (South Virginia and South McCarran), forgo on the natural food box store delis and salad bars/chain restaurants and pop over to The Pedalers Deli/Icecycle Creamery on Lakeside Drive. It’s only about a one minute drive from Trader Joes area of town to enjoy some of Reno’s best sandwiches AND it doubles as the best specialty ice cream maker in Northern Nevada! Stick some of that in your dry ice cooler for a Wednesday treat on playa.

If you need break and on the north/west side of Reno, check out Beach Hut Deli/ARTcade – awesome sandwiches and an old school video game arcade attached.

5) Kokopelli’s (sushi) inside Circus Circus: For all of you who say “I’d never eat sushi in Reno as there is no ocean nearby,” keep in mind you aren’t lathering your powdered wasabi on fish caught off the coast of California. We have a major airport just like you. The only difference is our town has more buying power than your city does, and our fish here is top-notch. Plus, nearly every place is “All-You-Can-Eat” without sacrificing quality. Try the ceviche roll here…and they often have secret fish not on the menu. (Yes, it’s weird that it’s also a Mexican restaurant but it’s awesome to be honest I’ve never eaten the Mexican food there).

6) Noble Pie Parlor (Pizza/wings – vegan and GF pies avail): Location in DOWNTOWN and one in MIDTOWN. The wings are legendary and are the favorite of many people and dogs (do your driving-mates a favor and leave off the raw garlic they put on it). Pizza is really good and open late downtown.

7) Ryan’s Saloon for cheese curds, burgers and cheap beer (I know someone from Wisconsin will be happy for that)

8) VEGETARIAN/VEGAN FRIENDLY – Laughing Planet, Dandelion Deli, Grateful Gardens

9) Centro – small plates, great cocktails. Small seating so call ahead.

10) For BREAKFAST/LUNCH….The Stonehouse is amazing. (which has an amazing patio, housemade chorizo, the Bloody Bull Bloody Mary and kale hash with brussell sprouts whaaaa!??!?!). Plus more benedicts than you would know what to do with and some pretty ridiculous french toast (get it for the table)

Daughter’s Cafe is a New Orleans-inspired spot with a ton of character and atmosphere. The food is amazing and tastes homemade, right out of mom’s (or daughter’s) kitchen. Daughter’s takes a minute but worth it, and they make legit beignets.

11) Golden Flower is not necessarily the greatest Asian you will ever eat, but it’s open till 3am, they cater to vegetarians and their pho broth is tasty, the shrimp egg foo yung is incredible. Definitely a good spot.

12) Brasserie St James (who also have award-winning beer and a water filling station across the street) Midtown Eats, Granite Street Eatery, LouLous and Süp are all other good places to get a hearty meal in before you head out.

There is more but I am honestly tired of writing this and catering to you as there are tons of great restaurants in Reno.


1) Coffee Bar– huge outdoor seating area. Free Wifi. Great food and coffee drinks. Beer on tap too. Have a beer and a coffee at the same time…..Did you know that’s called a “Shapiro.”

2) The Hub – on the river. Great coffee and drinks

3) Bibos (multiple locations throughout Reno)

4) Magpie Coffee Roasters new spot on Wells Ave. Go support them. Great people and know their coffee.

5) Homage cute little house with great coffee and pastries.

6) Rounds Bakery has delicious pastries, sandwiches, coffee and more. Home of the cronut scandal (FYNYC), which came in number 2 in google searches under the googling the spelling of kerfuffle


1) Visit our Great Basin Community Co-Op and support local farmers. You can get pre-made vegan, vegetarian and omnivore diets, frozen locally raised meat, 5-HTP, and all the other good for you things

2) Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco…you know the drill. Eat out there.


1) Twin City Surplus. Note! Parachutes aren’t good shade structures. Really. Think about it for a few hours.

2) REI is right near Costco

3) Cabelas (on I-80 before you get to Reno), Scheels (on I-80 on your way out of Reno), and Sportsman’s Warehouse will have all your last-minute camping gear.


Hit CRAFT up if you want a super special cider or heady craft beer for BRC. They have a huge selection of craft beer from around the world

The Disney World of alcohol is TOTAL WINE BEER AND SPIRITS….AND MORE! Name doesn’t lie. It’s dirt-cheap and selection is massive.


If you are in town for the night and want to blow off some steam or mingle with the locals….In no particular order The Loving Cup, 1Up (dance club), Shea’s, St James Infirmary, Death & Taxes (craft cocktails), The Saint (live music/beer), Tonic Lounge (open till sunrise normally), 5 Star Saloon (LGBT)…or, just ask a local.


ALLEGRA Print and Imagining…tell em we sent you.


Ok…we are exhausted. Have fun….the greatest time of your life.

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