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An era is over.   You may have heard the rumors already, but it’s heartbreaking to have to say that Lakeside in Tahoe City is closing it’s doors. While you may be able to quantify the number of shows that happened there, or the humidity levels, y (More...)

  It’s refreshing to see an event put together more than just “music on multiple stages, yoga, art,” which seems to be what the majority of festivals “sell” these days. When the poster for TBD came out I immediately noticed two things I’v (More...)

I’m pretty sure I came across Psychemagik for the first time through a mix posted on the Lightning In A Bottle page. Call it “love at first listen,” “a higher calling” or whatever happened, but I’ve been a die-hard ever since. Their music tran (More...)

26 Aug 2014

BEST IN SHOW? We have seen a lot happen in the last couple years in the music and festival world. In the last year we have experienced lots of things we’ve never experienced before, heard things we’ve never heard before and seen things we’ve never s (More...)

BURNERS….STUCK IN RENO? We love this city……but don’t get any ideas about moving here or anything. Here are a few of our favorite places to make your stay here more pleasant….we are sticking to around downtown/midtown areas, so clearl (More...)

A long time ago….in a Vaudevillian Galaxy far, far away….there existed a troupe called The Yard Dogs Road Show. The YDRS led the charge for the modern Bohemian cabaret and circus culture, the influence of which still permeates throughout the festiv (More...)