Give Away Great Depressurization Chamber

Ultimate JP Sears & Depressurization VIP Give Away!

August 27, 2019

Enter to win:

– 1 hotel room at The Sands Regency for Tuesday September 3rd

– 4 tickets for JP Sears at Silver Legacy on Tuesday September 3rd

– 4 Tickets to the official Great Depressurization pool party

– 4 tickets to the late night Great Depressurization event of your choice!

** 21+ only **

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The Great Depressurization also offers exclusive hotel room discounts for any reservation August 1st – September 15th using code BURN19 

The official Great Depressurization 2019 partner hotels include:
– The Sands Regency,
– The Row (Eldorado, Silver Legacy, Circus Circus) and
– Whitney Peak HotelYOU CAN RECEIVE FREE ENTRY TO OUR POOL PARTY AT THE SANDS by booking your room using code BURN19 for SEPTEMBER 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
Great Depressurization Chamber

The Playa Fur Goddess Guide To Reno & The Desert 2019 Edition

August 25, 2019


Playafurgoddess69 here and let me say it’s great to have you through our lovely town again! We realized some of you haven’t been to Reno before, OR have been coming through for years and don’t know about a few hidden secrets and guess what? There is a ton of new, awesome stuff in our fair city.

We absolutely love it here and can’t imagine anywhere else we’d rather live. We also love it when you look at us in horror when we say that. The joke truly has been on you the whole time. (kidding, kidding…not really)

Here are a few of our favorite things that we want to share with you that will help you navigate Reno…….and by the way….DON’T LEAVE YOUR GARBAGE IN OUR PARKING LOTS AND ON THE SIDE OF OUR HIGHWAYS. Carrying on….

For 11 years now, The Great Depressurization has been the main vein for the best of everything that Reno has to offer: we bring the music, the vibe, and show you the best hotel deals and the perfect tips for shopping, dining, staying, and most importantly, surviving and decompressing from That Thing in the Desert.

What began as a low-key series of back-to-back pool parties post-a’That Thing In The Desert Who Must Not Be Named’ in 2008 has developed into a week-long, all-encompassing event attracting non-burners and locals alike.

Discounted hotel codes from August 1st through September 15th, combined with city wide concerts and shows, special events, and pool parties have gained recognition in the canon of local Burner staples.

Whether you’re depressurizing, staycationing, or just love a good party, we’ve got you.


This is your everything guide for the greater Reno-Tahoe area to help you prep, recover from, or skip the Burn all together—after all, we are all about enjoying the culture in the best way YOU see fit.

In this guide you will find the best we have to offer on food, bars, hotels, nightlife, music, art, shopping, advice, and playa information. From the obvious to the obscure, if you need to know where to buy it, eat it, plan it, or recuperate from it, it’s here. And if it’s not, maybe try your luck on the playa then. Don’t worry: we’ll be waiting right here for you with a hot shower and a cold pool when you get back.

Remember our website is constantly being updated at



At The Sands Regency, Whitney Peak Hotel and The Row [Eldorado, Silver Legacy, Circus Circus), you can use the code BURN19 to save on rooms from August 1st – September 15th.

READ THIS–> HOTELS SELL OUT the SUNDAY, MONDAY, AND TUESDAY after all the things burn down. Seriously, the whole freaking city of Reno.

Book a room for your exit day now.  I know you think you are driving straight home to be at work on Tuesday morning. But you aren’t.

Do the safe thing and get some sleep and shower as most of the world doesn’t smell like you.


Do yourself a favor, make your room reservations before your 17 hour exodus wait.

Our host hotels have promised us the best rates for any reservation from now until September 15th using code BURN19

Want to get into our POOL PARTY for FREE?

As an added bonus: Book your room at #SandsRegency for Sunday Sep. 1st, Monday Sep. 2nd, Tuesday Sep. 3rd, or Wednesday Sep.4 to get into our official POOL PARTY for FREE!

Book now at





There are so many delectable places in the area to grab a bite, but here are a few of our favorites (also check out the Bar and Gastropubs section if you want food with your booze)…


Great Full Gardens (2 locations)

555 S Virginia St, 775-324-2013; 748 S Meadows Pkwy, 775-324-2016.  Open 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-2pm.

With locations in both Midtown and south Reno, Great Full Gardens is one of the very best sit-down, casual restaurants to get really great and affordable food in the region, particularly organic and locally-sourced, whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, and all with outstanding, friendly customer service.  Particular favorites are their waffles, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, bowls, tacos, desserts, and smoothies.


Laughing Planet (2 locations)

650 Tahoe St, 775-360-2592; 941 N Virginia St, 775-870-9633.  Open 11am-9pm.

Located both in Midtown and just north of Downtown Reno, Laughing Planet is a little quirky, as well as totally laid-back casual, and it’s a fun place for people of all ages.  They specialize in bowls, wraps, burritos, soups, salads, and smoothies, with many vegan and gluten-free options, and have a nice beer selection.


Moo Dang

1565 S Virginia St, 775-420-4267, Open Tue-Thur 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 3pm-9pm.

Located in Midtown and providing the best and most authentic Thai food in town according to many, Moo Dang has so many tasty plates, including vegan and gluten-free options.  Also has a really very nice sake, wine, and beer selection. Seriously the crispy green papaya salad is ridiculous.


Whole Foods Market

6139 S Virginia St, 775-852-8023,  Open 8am-10pm.

Located in south Reno, you’ll find a very huge variety of healthy foods and beverages to enjoy, whether to-order or make-it-yourself, in addition to any groceries for the playa you may need.


Noble Pie Parlor (2 locations)

777 S Center St, 775-323-1494; and 239 W 2nd St; Open daily around 11am to past midnight.

Located both in Downtown and Midtown Reno, Noble Pie has for years been known for the best pizza in town, but they also have a lot of other options – such as calzones, strombolis, wings, salads, and many appetizers – including options for vegans and vegetarians, and a nice beer, wine, and spirits selection.  And, of course, they deliver.


Taste of India

1255 Stardust St, 775-237-3608, Open 11am-10pm.

Located in west Reno near Save Mart and Highway 80, Taste of India is arguably the best place to get Indian food in the region.  With several options for omnivores, vegans, and vegetarians to choose from, including amosas, pakaras, tandoori breads, meat, seafood or vegetable specials, salads, and desserts.


The Fix Falafel Food Truck

Find them via Facebook.

The Fix Falafel specializes in all-vegan and really affordable falafel wraps, tacos, sandwiches, chicken-less wings, and seaweed or garlic fries.  And look out for The Fix Falafel operating at Great Depressurization locations!


Nom Eats Food Truck

Find them via Facebook,

Reno’s Favorite food truck offers outstanding, fast, all-vegan, and very filling meals, such as burritos, tacos, sandwiches, and soy and buffalo curls, at really great prices.



148 West St, 775-470-5898, open Tue-Sun 5pm-9pm.

Located in the West Street Market in Downtown Reno, Thali provides some excellent all-you-can-eat, authentic, vegetarian or vegan Indian food, at a very affordable price and in a cozy community space.


Naan & Kabob

2740 S Virginia St, 775-825-3113, Open 1130am-830pm (Sat until 930pm).

Located south of Downtown Reno, Naan & Kabob is a local favorite for sit-down, but affordable, quality, eastern-Mediterranean faire.  Lots of omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan options. Best to reserve ahead.


Old Granite Street Eatery

243 South Sierra Street, 775-622-3222, Open Mon-Thur 11am-10pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 10am-3pm.

Great sit-down American-style dining for omnivores, vegans, vegetarians and gluten free, using food mostly from local farms and ranches.  Also offers exceptional and unique cocktails. Highly recommended, but best to reserve ahead.


Los Gallos Taqueria

440 N Virginia, 775-324-2549, Open 10am-10pm.

A traditional, family-run taqueria in Downtown Reno, and to many, the very best, un-californicated, Mexican food in town.  Vegetarian-friendly, but not really much options for vegans. Their cabeza is next level.


La Strada Restaurant

345 N Virginia St, 775-786-5700, Open 5pm-9pm.

Located inside the Eldorado Hotel-Casino, La Strada is one of the very best, upscale restaurants in the region, specializing in very fine Italian cuisine and fine wines.  Must reserve ahead if you want to pamper yourself.


In-N-Out Burger (two locations) – 280 Pyramid Way, 800-786-1000, and 8215 South Virginia Street, 800-786-1000, Open Sun-Thu 10:30am-1am, Fri-Sat 10:30am-1:30am.

Located in Sparks and south Reno, world-famous In-N-Out Burger is craved by many before heading off or returning from the desert.


The Stonehouse 

 1907 S Arlington Breakfast, Lunch, and Dunner

A Reno staple for decades, The Stonehouse brings quality food, drinks and specials.

The patio is amazing and service top notch. Kale hash and eggs with a Bloody Bull is a great option


You can get everything you need in Reno to flash yourself up in as any ways as you want.  Here are the very best spots to do so, all owned/operated by burners…


The Melting Pot World Emporium and Smoke Shop

1049 S Virginia St, 775-322-9445, Open Daily 10am-7pm.  Call for extended hours before/during Burning Man.

Located in Midtown and 23 years in business, the world-famous Melting Pot is the best place to get new of everything for women and men.  A huge selection of themed costumes and hip and sexy clothing, including faux fur coats, vests, and pants, carnival masks, wigs, head-dresses, tophats, biker hats, animal hats, dresses, blouses, lingerie, netting wear, booty shorts, pants, hoodies, hip belts, backpacks, jewelry, goggles, sunglasses, parasols, baby/children’s clothing, body and eco-friendly makeup, el-wire kits, bike lights, glow toys, playa toys and gadgets, incense, wind spinners, and smoking pipes.


Junkees Clothing Exchange and Junkees Gold

960 S Virginia St, 775-322-5865, Open Daily 11am-7pm.

Located in the very heart of Midtown, world-famous Junkees has a massive selection of mainly recycled/upcycled, as well as new clothing and costumes for women, men, and children of all ages.  Pretty much anything you need, want or wish to fabricate, ranging from wedding dresses, marching band and military uniforms, circus, steampunk, and cartoon costumes, dresses, blouses, netting, lingerie, stockings, bonnets, booty shorts, suits, vests, boots, pumps, hip belts, sunglasses, goggles, hats, wigs, makeup, jewelry, and el-wire kits.  And be sure to check out Junkees Gold next door, with rare costumes and accessories. Enjoy the very helpful staff and always hip tunes.


Burner Bazaar @ The Nixon Store

50 Highway 447 in Nixon, Open 24/7 Wed Aug 21 to Tue Sept 3.

Located right next Highway 447 in Nixon on the way to That Thing In The Desert, the pop-up Burner Bazaar will have all kinds of clothing, costumes, organic movement wear, sequins, coats hats, masks, glow kits and toys, gloves, and boots and lots more from over 30  designers, as well as food, showers, and live music.


Polyesther’s Costume Boutique


Want something unique and one-of-a-kind, and just made especially for you? Something that will contain so many memories and last the test of time?  Polyesther’s creates or has what you dream in clothing and costumes, in addition to makeup and wigs. Also provides general design consultation, sewing, and alterations.  All by appointment only via phone.


The Chocolate Walrus

1278 S Virginia St, 775-825-2267, Open Daily 10am-9pm.

Located in Midtown, The Chocolate Walrus has the biggest selection of new sexy outfits and costumes for primarily women, and some outstanding things for men as well.  You can find hundreds and hundreds of different themed costumes or accessories, as well as tons of dresses, jackets, lingerie, sequin bras, corsets, netting, faux fur outfits, bootie shorts, parasols, tutus, masks, hats, boas, boots, pumps, pasties, jewelry, makeup, and biofriendly glitter etc.  You can also find many sex toys and role-playing outfits. Men can find some upscale gothic or steampunk outfits, in particular.


Red Square

1360 S Wells Ave, 775-843-8343, Open Tue-Sat 1030am-6pm.

Located near Midtown, Red Square is a great little boutique with special treasures, specializing in unique and vintage clothing, particularly 70’s and 80’s era t-shirts, as well as vinyl and other media.


The Nest

201 Keystone Ave, 775-284-8841, Open 11am-6pm (Sun until 5pm).  Call ahead for possible extended hours.

Located in west Reno near Save Mart and Ben’s Liquor, The Nest is a wonderful boutique to find vintage wear and knick-knacks.  Women can find some great dresses, hats, and accessories, and men can find some swanky suits and ties.


Bars, Venues, Breweries, Gastropubs, and Cafes


Most bars and clubs in Reno are open until the sun comes up, and they are all over the place.  And breweries, gastropubs, and cafes have been popping up all over, as well. Plenty to choose from, but here are the watering holes you should know about – including official venues of The Great Depressurization.


Cargo Concert Hall

255 N Virginia St, 775-398-5400, check out website for events and hours.

Located in the heart of Downtown Reno, Cargo will probably be the place you’ll catch many of The Great Depressurization performances.  Great room, customer service, drinks, sound, and lighting.


The Bluebird Reno

555 E 4th St, 775-499-5549, check out website for events and hours.

The Bluebird is an official venue of The Great Depressurization located in Downtown Reno.  Carrying some of the best sound in the region, and offering some of the best customer service around, you’ll enjoy many events here, ranging from live acts, to world funk, to electronica.



214 W Commercial Row, 775-813-6689, Open Thur 10pm-4am, Fri-Sat 10pm-sunrise.

Located in Downtown Reno and also serving as a Great Depressurization venue, 1Up is a favorite among has an in-house PK system and offers house and bass music mostly, casual and chill ambience, and genuine customer service.


Pignic Pub & Patio

235 Flint St, 775-376-1948, Open Mon-Wed 3pm-midnight, Thu 3pm-1am, Fri 3pm-3am, Sat noon-3am, and Sun noon-midnight.

Serving as an official venue of The Great Depressurization, Pignic is located in the cozy part of Downtown Reno, across from the Great Basin Food Co-Op.  A local favorite born of a concept about community, you’ll find friendly vibes, a very fine selection of quality beers and other tasty beverages, and the means to BBQ food that you bring.  You’ll make many new friends here, and enjoy great live music while you’re at it.


The Row 

345 N Virginia St, 775-786-5700, Open 24/7.

Located in Downtown Reno, the Row is three hotel-casino properties – Eldorado, Silver Legacy, and Circus Circus – with many types of bars, cafes, and restaurants.  The Brew Brothers bar gets packed and La Strada restaurant is one of the very best, upscale restaurants in the region. Both highly recommended if you want to live a little.  Serving as an official location of The Great Depressurization.


Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

71 S Wells Ave, 775-384-1652, Open daily at noon until you stop buying drinks.

Known as “The fucking classiest dive bar in Reno,” and a local favorite among old-skool burners, Jub Jub’s is located east of Downtown Reno, featuring great drink specials, live music, free bad advice, and cheesy jokes.


Craft Wine & Beer

22 Martin St, 775-622-4333, Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun noon-6pm.

Located in Midtown across from Junkee’s, Craft has a tremendous selection of high-quality, but great value wines, beers, and spirits, and it’s also a cozy place to hang out inside/outside and enjoy drinks with others.


Brauhaus 701

713 S Virginia St, 775-384-6756, Open Mon-Wed noon-midnight, Thur-Sat noon-2am, Sun 9am-midnight.

Located in Midtown in a cozy old and gritty building, the new Brauhaus 701 is a fusion of great German/American ambience, drinks, food, and customer service.


Whiskey Lounge

711 S Virginia St, 775-Open Sun-Thur 5pm-10pm, Sat 5pm-2am.

Located in Midtown, the new Whisky Lounge has contemporary ambience with a sophisticated twist on barrel aged cocktails, and one of the most inclusive and eclectic collections of whiskies in the region to choose from.


Shea’s Tavern 

715 S Virginia

24 hour spot right in the heart of midtown. Live music and stiff drinks.


The Depot

325 E 4th St, 775-737-4330, Open Mon 3pm-10pm, Tue-Thur 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-midnight, Sun 11am-9pm.

Located in Downtown Reno and inside a former train station, The Depot is a slightly upscale and modern, but very open and friendly place to enjoy beers or spirts produced onsite, as well as a wide variety of other beverages and foods.


Brasserie Saint James 

901 South Center Street, 775-348-8888, Open Sun-Thur 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-midnight.

Located in Midtown with one of the best breweries and restaurants in the region, St. James Brasserie is very popular and slightly upscale, with many choices of fine food, beer, and wine to choose from.  Best to reserve ahead.


Pigeon Head Brewery

840 E 5th St, 775-276-6766, Open Wed-Thur 2pm-8pm, Fri-Sat noon-8pm, and Sun noon-5pm.

Located just east of Downtown Reno, Pigeon Head Brewery is a down-to-earth hole-in-the-wall kind of place with chill vibes, great customer service, and a lot of fine beers, particularly packaged in cans (which are best for life on the playa).


Chapel Tavern

1099 S Virginia St, 775-324-2244, Open Mon-Fri 2pm-4am, Sat-Sun 10am-4am.

A laidback, modern, and very friendly and popular place located in Midtown, Chapel has a very large and fine selection of unique spirits, wines, and beers to enjoy in convivial conversation.


The Loving Cup

188 California St, 775-322-2480, Open Mon-Fri 3pm-4am, Sat noon-4am, Sun noon-1am.

Located near Midtown in old Reno, The Loving Cup is one of the best and most comfy places in town to catch local bands and dj’s, tasty drinks, and wonderful conversation.


Bibo Coffee Company (three locations)

945 Record Street, 775-348-8087, Open Daily 7am-9pm.

460 S. Sierra St, 775-329-2114, Open 6am-6pm.

717 S Center Street, 775-683-9840, Open 7am-9pm.

Located in Downtown and Midtown Reno, Bibo’s three locations are Reno’s favorite places to get some fine coffee, tea, baked goods, chill atmosphere, local art, and friendly conversation.


Too Soul Tea Co.

542 1/2 Plumas St, 775-322-2001, Open Mon-Fri 7am-60m, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm.

A cozy little spot in Midtown to hang out and enjoy fine teas, coffees, lunch, baked goods, and customer service to make you feel really at home.


1) Coffee Bar– huge outdoor seating area. Free Wifi. Great food and coffee drinks. Beer on tap too. Have a beer and a coffee at the same time…..Did you know that’s called a “Shapiro.”

2) The Hub – on the river. Great coffee and drinks

3) Bibos (multiple locations throughout Reno)

4) Magpie Coffee Roasters new spot on Wells Ave. Go support them. Great people and know their coffee.

5) Homage cute little house with great coffee and pastries.

6) Rounds Bakery has delicious pastries, sandwiches, coffee and more. Home of the cronut scandal (FYNYC), which came in number 2 in google searches under the googling the spelling of kerfuffle


Below are the best places to get bikes and accessories suitable for life on the playa.  Whether it be a mountain bike, cruiser with fat tires, tricycle, or kids bike, you should be able to find what you need, even if just through their website and/or by calling them.  Just keep in mind that bikes are in high demand, so best to get one as soon as you can!


Black Rock Bicycles

7875 N Virginia St Unit B, 775-972-3336, Open generally 10am-6pm, but they will have extended August and September hours, so call ahead.

Located in north Reno and owned and operated by burners, you can either rent or buy a new or used Black Rock Bicycle, as well as purchase locks, el-wire kits and spoke lights, bells, horns, spare tubes, bike racks, trailers, baskets, décor, and spare tubes/parts.  A portion of sales is donated to the local Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission and Lions Club. Finally, if you buy a bike from them, you can have it cleaned up and stored with them year-round – call for further info.


Reno Bike Project

216 E Grove St, 775-323-4488, Open Mon-Wed 10am-5pm, Thur-Fri 10am-6pm, and Sun 11am-4pm.  Call ahead about extended hours.

Located south of Midtown, Reno Bike Project is a local community bike shop that has been deeply involved in the burner community for a long time.  Get a quality used bike at a great price, as well as el-wire kits or spoke lights, locks, and baskets. But act now before they’re all gone! Finally, you can also donate your bike to Reno Bike Project when you’re done with it.


Kiwanis Bike Program

145 Catron Dr, 775-337-1717.  Note, beginning in July, they are moving to a new location at 6800 Pembroke Dr.

Buy a great used bike from Kiwanis, or donate your bike when you’re done with it, and support bikes for kids in need in the region year-round by doing so.  You can also get various accessories, including bells, baskets, and el-wire kits. Go to their website to see and reserve a bike, and feel free to call them with questions, as well as to make arrangements for picking up your bike.  You can also donate your bike to them at their location, or at the Reno Airport, Whole Foods, and Save Mart upon returning from the playa (see the Trash and Recycling section for further info.)


Trash, Recycling & RV Servicing/Dumpwater Locations (Don’t Trash Nevada!)


Please remember to FULLY SECURE YOUR LOADS while travelling, and RESPONSIBLY DISPOSE OF ALL YOUR WASTE before returning home.  Litter and dumping at unauthorized locations is not only ILLEGAL. It negatively impacts others, and it reflects badly on all other travelers.  Illegal dumping includes disposing in the wilderness, at rest stops, businesses and people’s homes, as well as losing and leaving it on the road.  Other than at your home, the below locations are the only authorized locations in the region to dispose of your waste. Please don’t trash Nevada ☺


(Note, the below costs are subject to change.)


Trash and Recycling Locations


Whole Foods Market – South Reno

6139 S Virginia St, 775-852-8023, Available Sun Sept 1 to Wed Sept 4, 6am-Midnight.

$7 per 35-gallon trash bag.  Free Recycling of bicycles, plastics, glass, metals, paper, cardboard, household batteries, and non-perishable food and water.  Clean, sort, and unbag recycleables before depositing. Hazardous waste prohibited! All proceeds donated to Whole Kids Foundation!!


Save Mart Supermarket – West Reno

525 Keystone Ave (back of store), 775-786-2150, Available Sat Aug 31 to Wed Sept 4, 6am-midnight.

$10 per 35-gallon trash bag.  Free Recycling of bicycles, plastics, glass, metals, paper, cardboard, household batteries, and non-perishable food and water.  Clean, sort, and unbag recycleables before depositing. Hazardous waste prohibited!


Rabbit Traxx Truck Stop & Mini Mart – Cedarville, CA 

580 Patterson Way, 530-279-2022, Open 24 hours from Sat Aug 31 to Wed Sept 4.

$5 for kitchen-bag size, $10 for 35-gallon size,  $15 for 55-gallon or larger. $15 for bike recycling. Free recycling of plastics, glass, metals, paper, cardboard, and non-perishable food and water.  Clean, sort, and unbag recycleables before depositing. Hazardous waste prohibited!


Waste Management Transfer Station – Fernley

1100 US Highway 95A, Fernley, 775-329-8822, Open Tue-Sat 8am-4pm.  Closed Sunday and Monday: Closed

Minimum charge: $28 per cubic yard, and additional charges based on type of waste.  Free recycling.


Waste Management Transfer Station – Stead (north of Reno)

13890 Mt Anderson, North of Reno, 775-972-9160, Open Tue-Sat 8am-4pm.  Closed Sunday and Monday.

Minimum charge: $25 per cubic yard, additional charges based on type of waste.  Free recycling.

Trash, Recycling, and RV Servicing/Dump Station


Modoc District Fairgrounds – Cedarville, CA

1 Center Street, 530-279-2315, Open 24/7.

$10 for grey and black water disposal.  Trash $5 for 13-gallon bag and $10 for up to 55-gallon bag.  Free recycling, but $5 for bike recycling. Clean, sort, and unbag recyclables before depositing.  Non-perishable food items we will donated to their local shelter. Hazardous waste prohibited!


Trash Only Locations


Waste Management Transfer Station – Downtown Reno 

1390 E Commercial Row, 775-326-2416, Open Mon-Fri, 7am-5p, Sat-Sun 8am-430pm.  Open Labor Day.

Minimum charge: $30 per cubic yard, and additional charges based on type of waste.


Waste Management Regional Landfill – Lockwood, East of Reno

2700 East Mustang Road, 775-329-8822, Open Mon-Fri, 8am-430pm.  Closed Labor Day.

Minimum charge: $35 per cubic yard, and additional charges based on type of waste.


Recycling Only Locations


Waste Management/Recycle America – Downtown Reno 

1390 E. Commercial Row, 775-326-2381, Open Mon-Fri 8am-430pm.  Closed Labor Day.

Free recycling of glass, plastics, cans, cardboard, and paper.  Charges for electronics and CFLs (cash or check only).


Green Solutions – East Reno

1085 Telegraph St, 775-870-0812, Open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat-Sun noon-4pm.  Closed Labor Day. Free recycling/no buybacks of glass, plastics, metals, cardboard, and paper.


RV Servicing/Dump Stations


Pyramid Lake Marina & Campground – Sutcliffe

2500 Lakeview Dr, 775-476-1155, Open 24 hours.

$10 via credit card kiosk for gray and black water disposal.


Golden Gate Petroleum – Sparks

1055 S Rock Blvd, 775-358-7400, Open 5am-9pm.

$8 for gray and black water disposal.


TA Travel Center – Sparks

200 N McCarran Blvd, 775-359-0550, Open 24/7.

$5 for gray and black water disposal.


Love’s Travel Stop – Fernley

825 Commerce Center Dr – 775-575-2200, Open 24/7.

$10 for gray and black water disposal.


Reno Boomtown KOA – Verdi, West of Reno

2100 Garson Road, 775-345-2444, Open 8am – 9pm.

$10 for gray and black water disposal.


Alturas Chevron – Alturas, CA

1080 North Main St, 530-233-5114, Open 530am-midnight.

$10 for grey and black water disposal.

Groceries & Water

Whether you’re flying in or driving through Reno, you can get all your groceries and water in Reno at great prices and convenient locations.  Here are the most popular places – and our favorites, too – in the area to load up…


Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

240 Court Street, 775- 324-6133, Open 730am-9pm.

Located in Downtown Reno, the wonderful people of Reno’s only community-owned food co-op are committed to providing and supporting local, organic, and sustainable products. They have a wide variety of produce from local farms and bulk foods, notably including dried foods, nuts, seeds, and cereals, as well as energy bars, pre-packed meals, juices, coconut water, craft beers and organic wines, lotions, toiletries, and other bodily care items good for the playa life. You can also fill up your water containers up to 5 gallons with alkalized water. And they have a Food Shed café upstairs with lots of nutrient-rich and freshly-made sandwich, burrito, panini, soups, smoothie, and other options for omnivores, vegans, and gluten-free. Finally, check out their DROPP program at for possible discounts and about deliveries to the playa.


Whole Foods Market

6139 S Virginia St, 775-852-8023, Open 8am-10pm.  Open until midnight on Fri-Sat Aug 23-24.

Located in south Reno next to Highway 580/395, Whole Foods has the biggest selection of healthy and quality foods in the region, particularly for vegans and vegetarians. Most notably, they will have lots of bulk water in 3 and 5 gallon sizes, organic and top-notch produce, ready-to-go meals and powders, bulk foods, juices, raw foods, energy bars, imported and domestic delicacies, trail mixes, coconut water, energy drinks, and a big selection of imported and domestic wines, beers, and spirits.  They even have a section of fun playa-fashionable clothing and accessories, el-wire kits and glow toys, Yeti coolers, and high quality skin care and toiletries. Pre-order pickups are highly encouraged (call the store for info). They also have several restaurants and buffet selections, as well as a fine beer bar. Finally, you can also take your trash and recycling there after the burn (see the Trash and Recycling section for further info.)


Save Mart Supermarket

525 Keystone Ave, 775-786-2150, Open 6am to midnight.

Located in west Reno next to Highway 80, this Save Mart every year goes to great lengths in support of burners, and has been one of the most popular pit-stops on the way to the playa since the beginning. Bulk water, used bicycles from Kiwanis Bike Program, bike accessories, el-wire and glow kits, many other supplies in abundance. A one-stop shop if there is one! You can also conveniently and responsibly dispose your recyclables and trash with them (in back of store, see the Trash and Recycling section for the details).  This Save Mart is also one of the best places to rideshare to the playa from, as it is so popular at all hours. Finally, Burner Express buses will be making a pitstop here before heading off to the playa.


Trader Joe’s

5035 S McCarran St, 775- 826-1621, Open 8am-9pm, but call ahead for extended hours.

Located in south Reno, Trader Joe’s has always been a hot spot among local and world burners, carrying a large variety of unique foods, delicacies, energy bars, dried fruits and nuts, juices, coconut water, toiletries, body products, and booze good for playa life.


Blue Dot Water

1296 E Plumb Ln Ste G, 775-870-9727, Open daily Mon-Fri 1030-6pm, Sat noon-4pm. (Special hours:   Aug 19-20 10am-7pm, Aug 21-24 9am-9pm, and Aug 25 noon-4pm.)

Located near the Reno Airport in the Costco shopping center, you can get alkaline and purified water, either in your own containers, or in various sized-bottles or drums you can purchase there.  You can also fill up your RV here with tap water! Highly recommend calling ahead to pre-order.


Spring Water Depot (4 locations)

Reno @ 895 S Center St and 12245 S Virginia St.

Fallon @ 925 W Williams St.

Dayton @ 100 Douglas St.

775-843-7852,  Open 24 hours.

Self-service with spring and distilled water machines at 50 cents per gallon.  Cash only. Easy and safe access.  Bring your own 1, 3, or 5-gallon containers. Call with any questions.


Unlike some states and countries, booze can be purchased at any time, on any day, and at many places in Nevada.  In addition to any grocery store, the below establishments are the places to get pretty much anything you want, and at the best prices.


Ben’s Fine Wine & Spirits (5 locations)

901 W 4th St in Reno, 775-323-6277, Open 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-11pm

3480 Lakeside Dr in Reno, 775-825-0244, Open 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-11pm

2990 Sullivan Ln in Sparks, 775-337-2367, Open 8am-10pm, Fri-Sat 8am-11pm

10870 S Virginia St in Reno, 775-853-2367, Open 9am-9pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10pm

3777 N Carson St # 105 in Carson City, 775-885-9463, Open 9am-10pm.

Call ahead for extended hours.

Ben’s is a locally-owned, family-run institution with locations at all corners of the region to find pretty much anything you want for beer, spirits, wine, and ice, at some of the best prices around.  Very helpful and knowledgeable customer service. Recommend you call ahead to arrange pre-order pickup.


Lee’s Discount Liquor

2950 Northtowne Ln, 775-636-6800, Open 9am-10m, Fri-Sat 9am-11pm.

Located in north Reno near Highway 580/395, the new Lee’s Discount Liquor has one of the largest selections of spirits, beer, and wine in the area, and by-and-large at the best prices.  Very friendly and helpful customer service. Call ahead to make pre-order arrangements.


Craft Wine & Beer

22 Martin St, 775-622-4333, Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun noon-6pm.

Located in Midtown across from Junkee’s, Craft has a great and unique selection of high-quality, but really great value wines, beers, and spirits, and it’s also a cozy place to hang out inside/outside and enjoy drinks with others.


Total Wine

6671 S Virginia St, 775-853-3669, Open 8am-10m.

Located in south Reno near Whole Foods, Total Wine has the largest selection of wine, spirits, and beer in the region, with really competitive prices.  Also, very helpful to find what you may want. You can pre-order over the phone or online.


Whispering Vine (3 locations)

4201 W 4th Street, 775-786-1323, Open Tue-Sat 11am-9pm.

3886 Mayberry Drive, 775-787-9463, Open Mon-Sat 230pm-830pm.

722 S Virginia St, 775-451-7681, Open Tue-Thu 1pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 1pm-10pm, and Sun 11am-5pm.

With 2 locations in West Reno and another in Midtown, Whispering Vine has one of the largest selections of boutique and rare wines around.



So, you made it to Nevada, and you have packed up your supplies…what next? Driving to and from the playa is not your regular Sunday drive, and without proper preparation and knowledge, you are likely to encounter one if not several roadblocks on your journey—literally and figuratively.

Now, we don’t claim to know it all about the ins and outs of traveling to BRC, but this ain’t our first rodeo, and if you take these pointers to heart, we guarantee they will only help make for a smooth adventure into the desert.


  • Follow the law!

What seems like a no brainer sometimes gets forgotten. Hey, we get it. You don’t always use your blinker or fix your headlights in a timely manner. But we are here to let you know that one of your biggest concerns in driving to the playa should be making sure that you not only follow all of the laws, but that your vehicle is in proper working order. Make sure you have a tune up, check your brakes, lights, blinkers, speedometer, gas gauge, EVERYTHING! Go the speed limit (especially once you hit gate road!), use your blinkers, don’t roll the few stop signs you encounter, and don’t stay on the side of 447 for too long if you don’t want to draw attention.


  • Respect the locals

From Truckee through Tahoe to Reno and into Fernley and ESPECIALLY on Native land, one of the most important and courteous things you can do on your journey is respecting the locals, their laws—especially the speed limit—and customs. We live here every day of the year, and we work in this economy and live in this community long after you’re gone and well before you arrive. We embrace this culture daily and encourage you to mingle with us, talk to us, and live with us for the period of time you are passing through. We want to help make our home as welcoming and inclusive as possible for this adventure, and that starts with you!


  • Prepare for a long drive

The Black Rock Desert is approximately 120 miles north of Reno. On a clear day in April, it’s about a two-hour drive. On a day in August pre-gate opening, it can be up to a 24-hour ordeal. We don’t tell you this to scare you—we tell you so that you are well prepared to be in in for the long haul. The drive on 447 is 70 miles of wide-open spaces, and even your last chance stops of Wadsworth, Nixon, Empire, and Gerlach don’t offer all of the amenities that Reno/Tahoe and Fernley do. Having extra gas and spare tires are always a good idea, and as always, we recommend that you bring more water than you think you need. There is only one road in and one road out of BRC, and with the speed limit on gate road being 5 mph, it is not uncommon to be on the road for two to 10 hours. Have snacks, drinks, and maybe even some puzzles, books, cards, and DEFINITELY good music. Want to stream a podcast? Check out the Fresh Bakin’ podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes!


  • Timing is Everything
    As we mentioned, it’s a total crap-shoot as to how long you can be on gate road or on 447 because, well, when 80,000+ people are migrating to one spot, things tend to get a little backed up. The desire to leave early and beat the madness is tempting, but keep in mind: everyone else is thinking that, too. It often results in a larger back up of vehicles on the road and can also land you in D-lot—the cursed lot at the Gate that you will get stuck in until the event opens if you show up early without an early entry pass (and that counts for EVERYONE in your car!). And when you do get there, make sure that you are prepared. Have your tickets ready, be prepared to get your car searched (for stowaways, as well as firearms, animals, fireworks, and other prohibited items), don’t speed on gate road, and under no circumstances should you even proceed to drive on the playa if it is wet. The alkali clay in the lake bed will turn into a fantastic mud once wet that will consume whole everything that puts its weight on it. Stay put in a storm, respect the rules, and don’t go into the desert unprepared!




We are absolutely thrilled to offer a diverse and talented line-up for The Great Dperessurization this year, especially our headliner JP SEARS. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, his long red hair and sarcastic videos lampooning (with love) fake spiritualism, hippies, vegans, meat eaters, Crossfitters, burners, festival culture and everything in between. He’s at the Silver Legacy Expo Hall on September 3rd with festival favorite comic Alex Hooper.

After JP Sears, you have time to head to Cargo to experience the project featuring singer, comedian and. Walker & Royce will be down the street at 1Up on September 3rd. This show will blow your mind and Mikey Lion from Desert Hearts will be dropping an amazing set as well. House beats until the early morning. Support to be announced.

Or you can head to FACES Cirque du Freakz!

Also, Depressurization faves The Great Bingo Revival will be doing a no cover show in The Sands Bingo Hall!

Next up is our bass mechanic G Jones. If you are a bass music fan and haven’t heard of him, we assume you’ve been under a rock since 2009. He is one of the most prolific producers and sound designers in the game, and he is bringing an epic sound and light show to Cargo on September 4th.  Special guests are Tsuruda and Secret Recipe. Afterparty at Bluebird with the Wormhole and Untz crew.


1Up and FACES will also be hosting shows that night.

Don’t forget three days of pool parties at The Sands with takeovers by Solid Gold Jacuzzi (SF) on Monday, Funkytown & SurlyCamp on Tuesday and Wednesday surprise guests.


Also, Pignic Pub & Patio is hosting an entire week of festivities staring on September 3rd and running through September 7th! All are no cover and features a Loud As Folk takeover, funk band Magnicosynth and many more. Check out their calendar ad in here!




The Black Rock Desert is a climate unlike any other on earth. Comprised of 300,000 acres of land, this National Conservation Area is, first and foremost, just that—a federally protected pocket of land due to its unique ecosystem. This means the most essential thing to know in order to keep TTiTD going strong is this…leave no trace! Black Rock City is a temporary city that is the work of thousands of people, including you. In order for us to keep coming back each year, it is absolutely crucial that we respect the land her and leave no trace of our presence. This means no glitter, no feathers, no dumping grey water or other liquids, no leaving your trash or bicycles on the playa, on the side of the road, at a rest stop, behind some business, NOTHING! It takes a village to keep this going, gang, so always remember to leave it better than you found it.


The weather on the playa can also be unpredictable and harsh. Remember this: the desert wants to kill you. We make the choice to vacation (we use that term loosely) in one of the most rugged environments in the world, and that means we have to bring everything we need to survive. It is not uncommon to see bursts of thunderstorms resulting in flash flooding, freezing temperatures at night, sweltering day time temperatures over 100 degrees, and dust storms at any hour of the day. If you bring nothing else, BRING WATER. At least a gallon and a half per person, per day. Dehydration in the desert is very real, especially if you’re not used to the climate.


TTiTD is not your average campout, and you cannot easily run to town to grab something that you forgot. This is where the saying “the playa provides” was born, because the culture of the burn is to share and take care of one another; it does not mean, however, that you should come relying totally on other people. In addition to water, you should definitely bring all that you need to survive—food, hot/cold clothing, and shelter—and your own cup and your own plate. And we highly recommend having one vessel specifically for water and one for other—this will be the cup you take around with you. No cup, no drink. That’s usually how it goes.


The desert can also have a very harsh effect on your skin. Making sure you bring enough socks will be key, if not to walk around in, at least to sleep in and wear with boots, your number one footwear friend for playa stomping. Also having things like lotion, aloe vera, and white vinegar (just trust us on this one) will help clean your feet and skin and keep them from cracking with the dreaded “playa foot.”


All of this is just the tip of the iceberg, but these are some of the most important items we can collectively recommend from our collective decades on playa. For our full packing list, including a breakdown of survival gear, first aid kits, clothes, and “the kitchen sink,” log on to (INSERT LINK HERE) and see our mega depressurization packing guide!



In general, Nevada laws bode the same for traffic, narcotics, and alcohol as everywhere else. Everybody knows what’s right and wrong, and we trust that everyone will play by the rules! Should you, however, find yourself in a situation where you are in need of legal assistance, Reno has several law offices and attorneys who are not only well versed in criminal law, DUIs, property rights, searches and seizures, and the like, but also who are burners themselves. If you’re having trouble finding somewhere to start, or you are really short on cash, a great place to start is Washoe Legal Services in northern Nevada, or the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Both are non-profits and offer a variety of legal assistance pro bono.


Find more info, on what to say to if you are pulled over and more visit



That’s right: cannabis is legal in Nevada…for everyone! Nevada became the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2017, a business that has boosted the economy and created its own twist on marijuana culture. This is a booming business during August as people begin to pass through Nevada for the burn. No matter if you’re coming from the north or the south, there are a number of major dispensaries in both Reno and Las Vegas to choose from that can meet all of your herbaceous needs—flower, shatter, edibles, and more.

Looking for a dispensary? We recommend MYNT (21+)  They are one of our wonderful sponsors for The Great Depressurization 2019.


While weed has become legal recreationally, it is still illegal to consume in public, on federal land (including the playa), or in a vehicle. This means hotel rooms, too. It is not illegal to travel with it, although it must be in a sealed container and should not be transported across state lines at the risk of conflicting with differing regulations in other states.

The extent of the legal recreational cannabis law works like alcohol in that it extends to those 21 and older. The exception to this is for those who hold a valid, state issued, medical marijuana card, who can purchase legally at 18.


Recreational users can purchase up to an ounce of flower or 1/8 of concentrate at one time with a 15 percent excise tax on each purchase, while medical users can purchase 2.5 ounces within a 14-day period of all usable cannabis product, which includes all edibles, concentrates, flowers, topicals, and anything with cannabis in it.

Looking for some popular strains? Tangerine Haze, Chemdawg, Tahoe OG, and Sour Diesel are some strains that carry weight throughout the entire state.



No matter how much you pack and prepare, the chances that you need that last minute stop are always pretty high, and it could be for anything: gas, ice, water, a phone charger, some candy to stash, one last case of beer, a handful of extra energy drinks…you name it, you’ll remember that you need it (or want it!). Your options for those last stops are limited, so it’s important to know where they are so you don’t run into a sticky situation.


  1. Fernley
    If you have already left Reno, or are coming from the east to begin with, and still need a substantial amount of supplies or gas, taking the short detour to Fernley is your safest bet and well worth it. Fernley has a Lowe’s, Raley’s, and Walmart that will be prepared and well equipped to handle the influx of burner traffic that they are used to experiencing. They also have your last chance for cheap(er) gas, auto repair, and a variety of sit-down restaurants.
  2. Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (Wadsworth/Nixon)
    If you have passed Fernley or don’t want to take the detour and still find yourself in need, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe towns of Wadsworth and Nixon, situated between I-80 and the junction to Pyramid Lake (NV 446) offer a small variety of services before the long, 70-mile stretch of road to the Black Rock Desert. You can catch gas in both spots, snacks, and small camp essentials (toiletry items, lighters, matches, Tylenol, corkscrews, etc.). Also, the Burner Bazaar of designers will have a huge selection of playawear, as well as showers, food, and music (check out the Costumery section for more details.)  But one of the BEST things you can get in this area is authentic Indian tacos! Indian taco stands dote the road as the locals give you a taste of something truly unique and delicious to their culture. It’s also a great way to support the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribes in their own community. Finally, while traveling through tribal lands, remember to drive the speed limit, allow locals to cross the road, don’t take rocks or anything from the land as artifacts (they’re sacred), and do not trash the land or roadside.
  3. Empire/Gerlach
    So, you have arrived at the edge of the desert and maybe you overestimated your gas, decided you really DO want that last meal, and maybe one last real restroom to boot…this is your last chance. You’ll hit Empire first and can get gas, sandwiches and other small snacks there, but most of what you’ll need lies in Gerlach. They have a Shell station, but the line around burn time is always incredibly long, and they can’t have it backing up onto the road disrupting the flow of traffic. Should you find yourself in a situation where you really need gas, expect to wait, or expect to come back once the line has dwindled down. In the meantime, Bruno’s is the popular spot to go. Famous for its raviolis, Bruno’s will let you use the restroom and offers a full menu and bar with a lot of local history plastered on the walls. If you feel like you need a final rest in a real bed, Bruno’s offers a motel as well, but rooms may be hard to come by. There is also the Gerlach GID to fill with water any size water container or RV, a few pizza parlors and a few bars, and towing and repair service should you encounter some unexpected hazards on the way or, you know…just in case you need to remember for later.  And remember to obey the 25 mph speed limit, respect the locals, don’t dump your trash here, and keep your clothes on!



One of the biggest draws about the Reno/Tahoe area besides burning is the unbelievable opportunities for exploring the outdoors. With its position at the base of the eastern Sierra and the edge of the Great Basin, the opportunities to recreate outside are endless. Don’t want to get too physical? Nevada has over 300 days of sunshine a year, and summer is arguably the best season in northern Nevada to mingle with the local and take in the city of Reno in a multitude of ways.


  1. Hike
    1. If you have enough time to step outside of the city, hiking in the Sierra during the summer will be a peak highlight you can experience here! Sometimes, you don’t even have to go very far. Get a great cardio workout without leaving the city by hitting up Hunter Creek hiking trail, a 7-mile round trip hike that ends at a roaring, snowmelt fed waterfall. Looking to really get out? Do a local classic like Mount Rose peak, a 12-mile round trip, 2,000+_foot elevation gain climb to the summit of our grand home mountain. This hike has it all—meadows of wildflowers, views of Lake Tahoe, a waterfall, and grueling switchbacks toward the top. A must do for any hiker in the area!
  2. Riverwalk
    Reno is fortunate to have a home river, the Truckee, running right through the heart of town. The Reno Riverwalk is home to a variety of boutique shops, bars, restaurants, and even🔥🔥🔥 art!Soak up the sunshine, put your feet in the cool water, grab a drink at a tavern like Sierra Tap House, or a meal at Wild River Grille. Make your way to the Reno City Plaza and relax in one of the letters of BELIEVE, a part of the “Big Word” playa art series by artists Jeff Schimberg and Laura Kimpton. Go back at night at see The Space Whale lit up in all her glory, a project out of the Generator in Reno by The Pier Crew.
  3. Lake day
    Speaking of bodies of water, the two bookends of our Truckee River happen to be two of the bluest and most pristine bodies of water around. Lake Tahoe, a lake that needs no introduction, is a quick 40-minute drive away from Reno into our backyard of the Sierra Nevada. Lake Tahoe has it all: hiking, boating, jet skiing, lounging, and the coolest, cleanest, clearest water you have ever experienced. If you have never been, you should definitely make it a point to take a lake day here. However, don’t be afraid to go the opposite direction and visit the Truckee River’s end, Pyramid Lake. A terminal desert lake first mapped by John C. Fremont, Pyramid Lake is a local favorite and probably one of the most underrated lakes in the country. Just 40 minutes north of Reno, this could even be a camping stop on your way to the playa. Just remember: it is on tribal land, so respect the tribe and their boundaries.
  4. Search for patios
    A simple game but a great way to support local businesses and enjoy the outdoors—where is the best patio in Reno? You tell us! Summer time is the perfect time to sit and sip and laugh and eat with friends in the high desert sunshine, and it’s probably good practice for all the heckling you’ll be doing on the playa with your friends and neighbors. For starters, check out Sierra Tap House, Pignic Pub & Patio, Stonehouse and 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing. The rest, adventurers, is up to you.



  1. Spa day/hotel pools
    1. Looking for ways to relax without the hassle of driving to the lake? Reno is full of several amazing indoor pools and spas that cater to your every need. Order poolside food service, get a massage and a facial, go for a swim, and steam or soak your playa woes away. Check out the hotels you’re staying at first for the best deals. Most hotels will give you free access to pool and spa areas if you’re a guest of the hotel, and even have deals for guests of the hotel to book services as well. If you’re a local looking to get away without getting away, almost every hotel in the city has a local deal with your ID. Don’t sleep on this!
  2. Shop
    We gather you’ll do most of your shopping pre-event, but even if you are looking to shop for things that are unrelated to TTiTD, or afterward, Reno offers some amazing stores specializing in local art as well as local clothing, both new and second hand, often catered specifically to the playa culture. A staple is always Junkee, a locally owned consignment clothing, costume, and antique store. The Junkee staff is well versed in helping you design the best looks for playa nights, photo shoots, or dance parties while you snag some vintage art from the antique store side. Also check out Culture and Bad Apple Vintage for more funky threads and specialty costume pieces, both locally owned and operated.
  3. Nevada Museum of Art / Museums
    Nevada’s only fine art museum makes its home in Reno, and in true Nevada fashion, has its own twist on the collections it houses permanently and the exhibits they showcase temporarily. The museum houses four permanent collections that are categorized by theme rather than historical or stylistic influence. Catch the traditional First Thursday party every month for drinks, live music, and lovely socializing. Chow down at the museum’s restaurant, Chez Louie, every Sunday for a musical brunch, and partake in guided tours, education nights, gallery openings, or just a lazy Sunday stroll through the gallery solo. No matter what way you experience it, it is a must see for indoor activities in the greater Reno/Tahoe area!

    1. National Auto Museum is located right on the river and features many amazing cars from the dawn the automobile, even art cars!
    2. If you have some youngins, the Discovery Museum is a great place to take your kids to let them roam and learn, and it’s fun for parents too! (Check out the donut place next door)








JP Sears – Headline Comedian for The Great Depressurization

August 22, 2019
Post Image

JP Sears says: “Ultra Spiritual has nothing to do with being spiritual, and it has everything to do with looking spiritual. And looking spiritual is exactly what makes you more spiritual. What you wear has something to do with it, as long as you’re wearing purple or yoga pants that reduce your circulation to dangerous levels due to their tightness.”

Need more LOL from His Enlightenedness The Ultra Spiritual JP Sears in your life? @awakenwithjp, a YouTube sensation with 100 million+ hits, is our extremely special guest for

#Depressurization2019 in #DowntownReno!

Tickets are available now



“To the average YouTube user, comedian and life advisor JP Sears’ videos might come across as 75 percent comedy and 25 percent coaching. The red-locked, flower-wearing guru and satirist has accrued a faithful following from his Ultra Spiritual Life series, a tongue-in-cheek take on the current uptick of new age beliefs (and some baloney).

But to Sears the whole process a bit more complicated than that.

“They’re typically 100 percent comedy and 100 percent life coaching within the same video,” Sears says. “In the videos I use the language of comedy to convey concepts intended to coach people towards better lives. They’re two parts of the same whole.”

Flip through his YouTube channel and you’ll find scores of his Ultra Spiritual Life episodes discussing (read: poking fun at) veganism, gluten-free fads, aromatherapy, and meditation. There’s enough here to write a book, literally — How To Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority dropped earlier this year.

– original text by Victoria Waslyack for for Vanyaland.

#Depressurize with tons of laughs at the JP SEARS event September 3rd in #DowntownReno, presented by #FreshBakin and #TheGreatDepressurization!

Advance tickets strongly recommended:




Who Is JP Sears In Real Life?

It’s hard to take a guy who wears a lace headband and a purple orchid in his hair seriously, especially when he’s telling you how to become gluten intolerant and “ultra spiritual.” And if you’re confused whether JP Sears wants you to believe him or not, that’s just the way he likes it. The soft-spoken, ginger-headed, Youtube self-help guru is such a master of dry, deadpan comedy that it’s difficult to tell when he’s poking fun at the culture of life coaching versus when he really wants you to connect with your inner child—but, as he’ll tell you, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to do both at the same time.

Sears, a veteran “emotional healing coach” with a legit clinical background, is redefining what a granola, gluten-free, hippie can be, using humor to (in his words) “till the soil for a more sincere seed to be planted in [your] heart.” The 36 year-old star of such viral videos as “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans” visited Onnit HQ recently to talk spirituality, healing, and just who the hell he really is.

Onnit: How did you get interested in spirituality?

Sears: In my late teens I began a search for something more. Something more than status and achievement. I just felt an emptiness inside, like there has to be more. I sure as heck didn’t know what I was searching for when I began but I think my mind started to become open.

This lack of meaning I felt inside got me to open my eyes to what else life might offer. From there I encountered some important mentors who opened me up to the spiritual world, which I would define as the world beyond the five senses.

Where do you think that emptiness came from? How were you raised?

I was raised pretend Catholic. My mother was Catholic and wanted my sister and I to be Catholic to please her parents because that’s how she was raised. But my dad was an atheist. So there was a nice balance. I got a taste of spirituality but not the kind of overwhelming dogma that can be traumatizing. I think the answer would be that I was very emotionally disconnected as a child and through my teenage years, and probably still to this day—although I’m working on it. I think the emotional disconnection really created a sense of emptiness—if I’m not connected to myself, of course I feel empty.

I would disconnect from emotions because I was trying to be the stable one in the family. I’m not allowed to be afraid or angry or sad because I need to be the one who brings balance and stability to the family. I need to take care of mom and dad. But what that really was was me not giving myself permission to be a child, and one of the important, beautiful gifts of being a child is being connected to your emotions.

Are you saying you never felt really happy or really sad?

I mean the peaks and valleys were really small. I’d feel a little happy at times, a little sad at times. But only feeling “a little.” Anything more than a little emotion one way or the other triggered the breaker that caused an electrical disconnect of my emotions. I didn’t know that was strange at the time because that’s just how things were.

“The worst life ever is a life that never changes. It may be the most comfortable life but it’s the least fulfilling.”

Who were these mentors who began to enlighten you?

Paul Chek [founder of the world famous C.H.E.K. Institute] was my first mentor. At first, I was interested in exercise and nutrition, so I sought out Paul. This was in 2001. At the time he wasn’t really open about his spiritual beliefs and teachings, so it was a surprise when I started learning spirituality from him—how people’s emotional health would heavily impact their physical health. My interest in him through exercise and nutrition was essentially the gluten-free breadcrumb trail that got me interested in the subtle aspects of life, like emotional health and spirituality. He was the messenger who could deliver it to me. I saw Paul at the time as a rock star.

If some boring-looking dude in a suit had shown up and started talking about emotions, I would have said “Whatever. I don’t want to hear about it.” But when it’s Paul Chek, I thought, “Yes, I DO want to hear about it,” because I found him very interesting.

The next mentor I had was John McMullin [], and he’s more directly all about emotional healing. He’s an amazing person—an angel inside of a human body. I learned how to work with people at the heart level. How to resolve pain, wounding, trauma, self-sabotage, and self-imposed limitations. The most integral part of my journey, of course, has been working on myself.

You’ve said that you discovered your own need for emotional healing by coaching others. Have you been able to heal your own wounds?

Have I healed them? Probably not. Am I healing? Hopefully. I think healing is probably infinite. After we get out of acute pain we might start calling it growth but it’s the same thing. I’m still affected by my wounding but I’ve made progress on it. The first real meaningful wound that I became aware of was on December 3, 2002.

Wow, you remember the exact date?

I was 21. I had been working with Paul Chek so my mind was open but my heart hadn’t quite arrived yet. It arrived on December 3. It was the afternoon of my first class with John McMullin. He’s very intuitive and he saw through the stoic façade I had—the “I have everything put together in my life.” This was such a persistent façade that I thought it was real. I thought this is how I am. I am so strong, stable, and put together. I hadn’t cried for at least six years before that day, probably longer.

John brought up a time when I was seven and my parents were going through a separation and my sister was relying on me as a father figure. John brought up questions that made me look at that and realize how tough that was for me and I really hated it but I started to connect to emotions. I started bawling my eyes out and that was so unnerving for me because who I thought I was was suddenly shattered. It’s not what I wanted but it really was what I needed. I opened my heart to emotions, unresolved pain. It initiated an ongoing journey to connect emotionally to who I really am.

Credits to: Sean Hyson of Onnit

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JP Sears performs with Alex Hooper at the Silver Legacy on September 3rd, 2019.

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BLOG Cirque Du Freakz & Westwood Label Showcase

Cirque Du Freakz & Westwood Label Showcase

August 20, 2019
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Cirque du Freakz was developed in Los Angeles, CA in 2013 to breath new life into the underground/electronic scene. With a vision to integrate the emerging EDM music, with Live bands, Burlesque, Circus arts, and a touch of Vaudeville! We have created a playground for your soul… an escape from reality, a place to let your freak flag fly! SO COME EXPERIENCE THE UNEXPECTED at the next Cirque Du Freakz.

Rumpus, by definition, does in fact bring the noise – and the bodies – to dance floors and music festivals around the globe. Drumming since the age of 12 and growing up playing in punk rock bands, Rumpus has since evolved into a full-time touring DJ/Drummer and producer of high vibe, funky house music.

Rumpus’ live drumming blended with a finely tuned DJ palette, serves up an irresistible feast for attuned music lovers and funky festival freaks alike. His visually captivating high-energy live show fuses his signature house sound with elements of other genres such as hip hop and experimental future bass. With releases on Westwood Recordings & Australia’s ‘Sweat it Out’ Club Sweat label, the Rumpus sound has been described as “what you get if funk house and bass house had a kid”. 2019 is on course to be another major year with lots of new music, a packed tour schedule, and a few other surprises up his sleeve.

Credits to: Rumpus Facebook

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Fusing two fresh-off-the-mountain electronic music addicts, Tim and Dave together create 12 feet and 350 lbs of turbo-funk-boosted, snowsuit-donning man flesh. Hailing from the world famous ski town of Whistler, this dynamic duo loves shredding fresh power almost as much as they love smashing out hit records in the studio.

Producing & performing together since 2010, they are like savage yetis feeding off of each other during their high energy live shows (which often feature snow machines & loud retro ski gear) while they blast through genres playing everything funky from bassline house to black-diamond twerk.

Credits to:  Skii Tour Facebook Page 

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Denver based, New Zealand born master of intergalactic funk, K+LAB, has been rocking dance floors and bringing the heat to the masses since he first burst onto the scene with his debut album “Spacedirt” in 2013. An ever-expanding galaxy of FUNK, K+Lab’s sound is always absorbing and incorporating a seemingly endless array of influences and vibes – the head-nod aesthetic of hip-hop, the futuristic techniques of Glitch-hop and the fury of drum n’ bass – all tied together by an orbital pull of all things funky. Unlike anything else occupying the sonic landscape today, Armed with his signature keytar, K+Lab’s incredible, live performances garnered high profile slots at some of the world’s most lauded dance festivals like Oregon Eclipse, Electric Love, Shambhala Music Festival, Breakfest,, Rainbow Serpent, Northern Bass and has seen him conquer dancefloors across over the globe including U.S,
Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, South America and his native New Zealand.

​With 3 full length albums including “The Worldly’s” (2016) on Gramatik’s imprint (Lowtemp) and “The Booty Galactic” on The Funk Hunters label (Westwood recordings) + a steady release schedule of EPS, Colabs and remixes, K+Lab has solidified himself as the best selling Glitch Hop artist of 2017 & 18 on the Beatport charts and was nominated twice for “Best electronic album” at the New Zealand music awards. Since reloacating to Denver he has been busy pushing his sound even further in to the Cosmos and working with local funksters to bring you the next era of the K+Lab journey, hold tight and get ready to have your booty galactified with the super sonic sounds of Captain K+Lab.

Credits to: Captain K+Lab Website

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TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is an eclectic and versatile seven-piece band that fuses together a multitude of musical styles from across the world into a psychedelic explosion of sound. Equipped with didgeridoos, sitars, guitars, world percussion, keys, synthesizers,  drums, bass, flutes, harmonicas, banjos, and the kitchen sink; it is a musical ensemble like no other. The band draws inspiration from a myriad of musical genres such as afro funk, jazz, psychedelic groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western circus cabaret. Though the band’s sound is unique in its own right, the TV Broken 3rd Eye Open experience also has a significant visual component. The TV Towers 2.0 (debuting in April 2019) is a way to express the way the band sees their music through visual art. Stunning visuals of sacred geometry and psychedelic imagery are then projected on to the stage to combine with the music to make for a truly unique experience.

Grooving and playing with so many different styles and sound textures has allowed the band to continuously grow from a style perspective. Just as their music has grown, so too has their festival presence. Having played at festivals such as Electric Forrest, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity; TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s exposure is on the rise. The band’s recent collaboration with visual prodigy  Pickles Visuals and Stranger Liquids has certainly solidified TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s status as a must-see band on any festival line-up.

In addition, members of the band can facilitate workshops, lectures, and classes of different kinds to enrich any festival experience. For example, one of the members is a certified and licensed sound therapist who can provide personal/group healings, workshops, meditations and interactive experiences involving sound healing. TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s current line-up consists of Adrian Johnson (global instrument specialist), Nathan Harvey (drums), Jasym Ellis (guitar, synth), Travis Soto (Bass), Alex Mello (Keys), Roberto Rodriguez (Percussion), and Pickle/Stranger Liquids (visuals).

Credits to: TV Broken 3rd Eye Open Website

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Lantz Lazwell & the Vibe Tribe service the deep, melodic desires that drives us to dance while providing a complete auditory/visual experience to dazzle the senses.

Lantz has not only been a national touring artist for years, traveling and sharing the stage w such greats as George Clinton, Bernie Worrel, Eric McFadden, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), but also was the winner of a Los Angeles Music Award for “Best Rock Male vocalist ” in 2007.

His new project “Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe”, fuses elements of Live and electronic music, Fusion Belly dance (Jayna Manoushe- Belly Dance Superstars), and circus arts.

This pairing of digital & performance art to their rock ‘n soul , world beat inspired grooves, is an immersive, one of a kind experience that has continued to captivate audiences across the nation.

A festival staple… A powerhouse of talent and showmanship… Lantz Lazwell & the Vibe Tribe bring the rock ‘n’ soul anthem back into your heart & rock you right.

Credits to: Lantz LazWell & The Vibe Tribe Website

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This LA project began when Madison Orange & DJ Lou E. Bagels held the same vision to share the beautiful yet dark sides of Los Angeles through music, visuals, and performance artists. They bring awareness to leading issues such as the homeless epidemic and drug abuse, while also shining light on the incredible talents that are inspired by the famous, crazy City. Together their they specialize in BassHouse, House, & Tribal House music that are approach for the setting and are guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor.

GoGo Hoop Dance Stars:
Founders of the GoGo Hoop Dance Stars Katelyn Carano & Madison Orange come together to perform a “Best Friend” multi LED hoop duet. The GoGo Hoop Dance® Stars are a professional LED, Fire, Aeriel, & DJ international entertainment company specializing in elongated performances alongside musicians & DJs.


A Tahoe/Reno local House DJ known for his bass heavy, entrancing deep house and booty shaking bass sets, he will leave you sweaty and craving more!!!

Lady Nichole
Lady Nichole will be sparking up your senses with a burlesque routine you don’t want to miss!



COMING TO RENO AFTER BURNING MAN? If so, join us for one of the best party’s in town. Come shake your dust off at the annual Cirque du Freakz Afterburn at Faces NV – your official afterparty for The Great Depressurization Tuesday night in Reno!Our line-up this year is truly the best we have done to date. We are excited to announce that Westwood Records will be combining forces w the Cirque Du Freak team to bring you this extraordinary event!

Dj Zehbra




BLOG Soundpieces

6BLOCC, El Papachango, ShinyThings & More! Soundpieces-Bluebird

August 16, 2019
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R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC is known for his relentless techniques behind the wheels of steel. Getting his start back in 1985, this dj is no amateur when it comes to tuntablizm. He was already battling local djs in Los Angeles before the modern dj culture was even created. In 1988 he made his move into the hip hop game with 2 vinyl releases under the name PROJECT X which featured Brooklyn MC, SILKSKI.

He went on to film a music video for one of the releases which aired on local L.A. music video shows. That same year he joined the legendary L.A. hiphop radio station, KDAY and spun live broadcasts along with other Angelino djs called HIGH ENERGY MIXMASTERS. During this time, he entered many dj battles including showdowns with Joe Cooley, Tony A. and JRocc. This experience has led to the legend we now see on the decks.
In 1991 the sounds of UK hardcore / jungle were creeping onto the shelves of dance shops in L.A. and R.A.W. was quick to spin and represent. With help from Dj Dan, R.A.W. began playing at major raves and underground events throughout the west coast. His sound at the time was a blend of jungle, hiphop, turntablizm and hardcore sounds which made him an instant draw in the underground scene.

By 1994 R.A.W. alongside Dj Curious and Dj Trance (Jason Blakemore) started L.A.’s first jungle weekly called….JUNGLE! Located at a dirty abandoned train station known as the Belmont Tunnel (Predator II was filmed here as well), the weekly gathering was the only place on the westcoast to hear the dark sounds of reinforced and suburban base records. The venue was kept dark with only one laser to keep the junglist listening and falling deeper into the music.

By the mid-90’s R.A.W. was traveling all over the world rocking crowds with his signature sound of urban jungle choonz and b-boy turntable tactics. In 1997, R.A.W. would go on to win the West L.A. Music Dj Battle judged by Dj Quik. “I remember Quick jumping like crazy when I was rocking doubles of J Magik’s ‘Your Sound'”, says R.A.W. Shortly after this he was hired by a Japanese sound design company to produce 2 sample cd’s: DRUM AND BASS AMMO and HIP HOP AMMO; both were sold with the Roland SP-808 in Japan. Also around this time he began to release his jungle productions on labels like Warner Bros., Thrive, Priority, Mictlan, Tonz of Drumz, N2O and by 2000 on labels like Thermal, Vortex, Sound Sphere where the sound was getting faster and rougher. His single on Sound Sphere was a masterpiece created with E-Sassin at the Sound Sphere studios. Together they weaved an intricate tale of twisted breaks and evil winds over a relentless bassline that would pound the listener every 16 counts. “That song still wrecks shop everytime I play it out..and of course I have to rock doubles!”

Other R.A.W. classics still rock dancefloors worldwide like – Passin Me By Remix, Klash, Jah Rise, Ragga 2001 (which brought the stateside ragga-jungle sound to the masses), Mathematical Chemistry and Monkey Business..just to name a few! His discography has reached over 50 vinyl releases and a plethora of mixtape / mix-cd releases that sell out throughout the year!

In 2006, while working on some drum and bass material R.A.W. heard a bassline coming from the nextdoor studio and asked, “what or who is this?” It was a mix by Youngsta from the UK, “the sound spoke to me and said follow me…and I did”. R.A.W. continues, “I felt like I was ready to change my style and move onto a new sound…dubstep was exactly what I needed at the time. Drum and bass reached a point where I no longer felt like it was me and it was also getting too fast and void of the funk.”

By 2007 R.A.W reinvents himself as 6BLOCC and is releasing his new sound on labels like Lo Dubs, N2O, Tribe Steppaz UK, Bootshake UK, La Dubstep Nostra and the popular white label War Recordings. In 2008, Portland bass music label, Lo Dubs calls upon the 6BLOCC to rock a mix cd featuring the Lo Dubs roster. A blend of hypnotic textures and warped basslines from the future cut the f*ck up using Cubase SX3, 6blocc says, “I decided to use Cubase to give it a different feel than the usual mix-cd and to add my own samples and edits.” The result is ANALOG CLASH, the first CD compilation / mix that features dubstep music from the Americas (north and south) as well as a remix from Vex’d. So far it has sold over 3000 units within months of the release date! When he isn’t on the road or in the air flying to various clubs and events throught out the U.S. 6BLOCC is managing his digi-label DIGITAL 6 (available on – – and knocking out dubstep remixes and originals.

The word on the streets is 6BLOCC is looking to put out some white labels of his hottest dubplates that always get the call…PUULLLL UUUPPPPP!!!! If you’re wondering what the name 6BLOCC means? “I got the name from a Masta Ace song here he says, “the bass I create is heard from six blocks”. BOOM!

Credits to: dfkt of

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About El Papa Chango

Subterranean trance-like movements of afro-funk mashed-up with psychedelic guitar lines and scatterings of broken brass is the order and Papa Chango delivers like no other. Unique in this thriving Melbourne scene they take it to the gritty edge, melding banging technique with playful exuberance. This Melbourne based 8-piece brings audiences to a sweat on packed dance-floors, evoking a hidden spirit within.

2012 saw the release of their breakthrough album, ‘The Matador’. Taking the listener on a sonic journey over barren plains and rugged terrain, ‘The Matador’ is the “soundtrack to the film yet to be filmed.”

2014 was the year of the Dragonfly. The four-track EP, ‘Enter The Dragonfly’, was unleashed. A one-inch-punch of a release bursting with kung-fury from start to finish. .

In 2016, their latest release, ‘The Lost Moon of Bellaris’ continued the sonic evolution of the band, pushing further out into the vastness of the void, propelling you towards distant, unexplored territories.

Featuring newest member Nat Grant on vibraphone and percussion, along with special guests, the band have let their ethio-jazz influences take hold and delivered an album that explores the darkness of space and the lightness of life. From the luscious horn and vibraphone melodies of the title track, through to the deep, subterranean rhythms of ‘Nightmares on Sax’ and the straight dance floor swagger of ‘The Son and The Snake’. Once again, texture and form are at the forefront of the release with 8 tracks of cinematic, instrumental badness.

Credits to: El Papa Chango Website

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Shiny Things Bio

SHINY THINGS come from dirty places: rolling in rave dust since childhood, the colorful vibes awoken during prepubescent trips in the desert have transmuted into some of the future sounds of today. From the interior groves of the west coast, this one’s a contributor; when not on stage you’ll find him on the floor, with glistening wits and moves for days. Selections all with good taste, these hyphy but paced, futuristic but deeply rooted psychedelic sounds are delightfully hype at any hour.

Credits to: Shiny Things Facebook

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Beat Kitty is quickly gaining traction as one of the most versatile djs and producers in underground East Coast bass scene. Catch her at any event for carefully crafted selections delivering the perfect balance of dance floor filth to get your body moving.

She takes her fans on a playful musical journey, smoothly shifting the vibe from lively and mischievous to downright dirty. She consistently escapes genre norms, with global and timeless sounds blending perfectly with heavier, grimier bass lines. Her nightly arsenal of Halftime, Leftfield bass, Trap, and DnB (with the occasional hip-hop throw-back) will leave you wanting more.

Beat Kitty has recently shared her soundscapes all over the country playing everything from festivals such as Bamboo Bass, Emissions, EDC and Mysterland to venues such as Meow Wolf and the Knitting Factory. As a support act, she has had the honor to grace stages with Baauer, iLL Gates, iLL-Esha, Soohan and Mr. Jennings.

As a classically-trained singer and flautist who’s a certified metal-head, her varied influences are used liberally in curating innovative and exciting soundscapes. After releasing 3 original tracks and a music video in 2018, and working on an EP for 2019, you can expect to see many more productions and fire as she continues to experiment with international influences and bass-driven tones.  Overall, her mischievous approach and diverse musical touch have created a unique style that many fans have come to know and love.

When not ears-deep in musical production or touring the country, Beat Kitty aka Amanda Bo creates immersive events throughout NYC aimed at temporarily shifting reality. She’s been creating underground shows and art collectives for over 10 years, contributing to such names as Party Liberation Front, Vitamin B, NYC Bass Collective, Bass Tribe, and JunXion.  In any spare time, you can catch her crafting and building festival stages, welding art cars and advancing her career as a professional tattoo artist… but nothing trumps her drive and love for bass!

Credits to: Beat Kitty Website

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Soundpieces and Great Depressurization presents 6Blocc, El Papa Chango and Shiny Things at The Bluebird on September 3rd in Reno, N.

Plus special guests Beat Kitty, BE1NG and Cannabass.

Limited $5 tickets available through Aug 9th, 2019.

$10 / $15 / $20

10om | 21+



BLOG Mersiv

MERSIV Beautiful & Filthy Fall Tour at The Bluebird

August 16, 2019
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Mersiv is originally from Shreveport.  He originally started releasing music under the name BENOIT.Bass on his Bandcamp and SoundCloud. He started DJing in 2012 after hearing deadmau5 at a power but only get into producing original music in 2015. Anderson’s influences include Nero, Foreign Beggars, Bassnectar, Zeke Beats, The Widdler, and G Jones.  His music has been described as a dark-loud style of bass with a dreamy melodic structure. Mersiv has played at festivals such as Electric Forest, Kosmic Kingdom, and more.

Credits to: Everipedia

Up & Coming Artist Profile: Mersiv

Mersiv – Coming from the up and coming production and record label, Formo Productions. (MorFlo Records) Mersiv is quite possibly their new prodigy. Based in Longmont, Mersiv has been bumping around the Front Range and getting people hyped with his one of a kind bass music. With an influence from Bassnectar, his music resembles the grime but has a relentless style of his own. Don’t miss out on his next mind melting performance!

Credits to: The Chronic Electronic

Up & Coming Bass Music Prodigy: Mersiv

Mersiv, while this may be an unfamiliar name to most it’s only because the project launched back in the beginning of October by the mastermind formerly known as Benoit. Anderson Benoit Gallegos is on a mission, in these past few months he has played his first sold-out show alongside none other than The Widder and Truth for an absolutely insane Halloween show. A few weeks later he headlined his first show in Colorado, and for both shows almost the entire set was all original tracks. Judging by the insane energy of the crowd mirroring the amount of fun Anderson was having on stage, we would have to say both of these events were massive successes and have become the catalyst for the fresh Mersiv Sound Project to explode.

Without a doubt Anderson is not afraid to push the boundaries with his music, creating something absolutely unique with his hypnotic dark bass that won’t just have you moving your feet but your entire body. With artists such as G-Jones, Conrank, Dirt Monkey, and Zeke Beats inspiring him to experiment and push sound design into brand new territory you know you’re in for a treat. Much like Boogie-T, the stage presence Anderson brings is next level, the fun he is having on stage is contagious and you can tell it’s where he belongs.

Mersiv has very recently collaborated with the likes of Dapolitiks and other Forward Momentum artists such as Knat Turner. His video of an unreleased track featuring the one and only Chill Bobby has amassed 30,000 views in a few weeks, which can be heard in the Mersiv 2000 Mixtape he just dropped last week.

Credits to: Seann The Chronic Electronic


Supertask is an electronic beat producer based out of Oregon. With his distinctive approach to music creation, he composes euphonious arrangements that shroud listeners in an affable blanket of solace. His attention to detail leaves nothing to be desired as his music permeates the atmosphere and brings with it an irresistible temptation to lose yourself in the soothing, eclectic groove. With a seemingly infinite number events transpiring within the finite duration of each track, the name ‘Supertask’ could not be more fitting.

Credits to: Timewheel


Crumbs is here to make music that rattles your ass and bobs yo head.

Credits to: Crumbs Facebook Page


MERSIV Beautiful & Filthy Fall Tour with special guest Supertask lands in Reno at The Bluebird on September 20th.

18+ | 9pm

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BLOG Ivy Lab

Ivy Lab at The Bluebird [G Jones Afterparty]

August 13, 2019
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Ivy Lab is a collaborative project between Sabre & Stray

Originally starting life as a trio, North London outfit Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the UK bass music scene. The years that followed saw them go from strength to strength, earning a place in ‘The top 10 DJ’s of 2015’ (Mixmag) and propagating a new generation of hip-hop inspired abstractions housed within the framework of their ’20/20 LDN’ project.

The duo now find themselves at the apex of the ‘Halftime’ / ‘Future Beats’ / movement – A motley assortment of actors from across the bass music landscape applying their sonic-heritage to experiments with hip-hop and drum machine electronica.

Ivy Lab invested further in the exploration of this sound with the creation of their ‘20/20 LDN’ clubnight. Housed primarily at Brixton’s Phonox nightclub, it earned the characterisation of “ultra innovative” (Timeout Magazine) and a “London standout” (Mixmag).

Minted in late 2015, and borrowing the same raison d’être as its elder sibling nightlife brand; 20/20 LDN Recordings was unveiled with the pseudo-mixtape/compilation LP “Ivy Lab presents 20/20 Volume.1” – described as “uncompromising, insightful and rather awesome : 9/10” (Mixmag) and “impossible to categorise : 9/10” (DJ Mag) . Little over a year (and only 5 releases deep) the label was awarded the title of ’Best Breakthrough Label 2016’ in the DJ Mag ‘Best of British Awards 2016’.

Now a galvanising presence in the ‘Future Beats’ movement, Ivy Lab’s’ “20/20 Volume.1” release and the subsequent follow up E.P’s were benchmark moments in forging the genre into a pillar of the electronic music landscape. Tracks such as “Spooky Dub”, “Can’t Say No” & “Peninsula” all garnered incredible currency, supplemented by showpiece remixes for Banks (“Fuck with myself”) and Noisia (“Tentacles”).

That same currency as bass music figureheads has been embraced by festivals as varied as Glastonbury, EDC Vegas, SXSW, Sonar (Barcleona + HK), CTM Berlin, Dour, ADE, Woo Hah!, Shambhala, Lightning In A Bottle, Lowlands, Origin NYE, Exit & Outlook.

Ivy Lab head into the horizon not only with an anchored presence at the cutting edge of the bass-music landscape, but also a secured reputation as pioneering label bosses & event promoters in ownership of one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary music brands.

Credits to: Resident Advisor


Gove Kidao and J. Fogel were initially brought together by a shared affinity for music that hovers on the fringes of the bass music scene, experimental sounds and ideas that live on the borderlines between genres.

Both are accomplished producers in their own right – Kidao goes by Sabre, and has been a maverick in the DnB world since 2004, whilst Fogel produces as Stray, having debuted on Critical Recordings in 2009 and pushed a forward-thinking approach to the genre ever since.

Coming together as Ivy Lab, they produce hard-hitting, bass-heavy abstractions that stretch the boundaries of mid-tempo electronica. As a duo they’ve moved away from the structures of DnB and towards the amorphous future beats movement, a loosely defined proto-genre that takes initiatives from hip-hop, trap, DnB and bass music, fusing aspects of various scenes to create weighty, bombastic music that bangs at a halftime tempo.

Since establishing 20/20 LDN in 2015, a record label and dedicated club night at Phonox, they’ve become figureheads of the scene, providing a platform for fledgling artists and a space for their music to be shared with a wider audience.

20/20 LDN Recordings are marking their tenth release with the debut album from Ivy Lab, Death Don’t Always Taste Good. It’s an audacious 12-track foray into the duo’s twisted imaginations, fusing the sonic signifiers of UK bass and DnB with the rolling tempos and cocksure attitude of hip-hop and trap. Following the record’s release on 11th May, we caught up with the pair to get an insight into their creative process and hear about the thoughts, ideas and influences behind each track.

1. Fortune Teller
As an opener the aim was that this set the haunting and unsettling tone that permeates the entire LP. The demo version was titled ‘RZA’ cause the beat has this kinda gritty wu tang vibe about it, and the vox and strings give it a B-movie horror aesthetic which is as tense as it is playful

2. Ugly Bubble
This one has a heavy dub-oriented influence and stands unique on the LP in it’s reliance on 4/4 kicks to drive the beat. The sudden switch into the melodic and lush dreamlike middle breakdown is a ‘surface-to-air’ moment before the bubble comes back and infinitely descends with a shepherd tone illusion quality to it

3. Jet Lag
Jet Lag was written at a time where we both happened to be undergoing emotional stress in our personal lives, and we’d like to imagine that there is a tangible sense of melancholy conveyed in the music

4. Astral Pirate Theme
The sirens, pops and baroque bassline melody are a nod towards Dilla, and the hallmark to its groove is how early the snare hits. There’s also a kinda prog-jazz leaning to the melodies that happen later on in the track and the whole thing has this travelling through space vibe about it, hence the title

5. Cake
This track is a straight-to-the-point affair carried by it’s G Funk styled worming reese bass and swagged out groove. It’s essentially a drum & bass tune at heart, which is where it took most its engineering cues from. The key to the drop is the empty space created in the sparseness of the intro; someone described this to us as being like a ‘palette cleanser’, which feels pretty apt!

6. Vanity Fair
Vibe here is all about making peeps feel on edge, and making use of as small an amount of different elements as possible. There’s a somewhat non-descript and almost alien nature to it’s main instrumentation, and the creepy, bitterly suggestive vocals felt like the perfect fit. It’s the most lowkey track on the LP but arguably one of the most essential in its cementing of the project’s aesthetic

7. A & E
Another very drum & bass oriented affair with glaring techno influences, tunes like this are probably the closest we get to a ‘roller’. Slowly evolving, repeating hypnotic riffs sit as a throwback to some of our earlier tech dnb, and the sound design intentionally maintains a sense of panic, conjuring images of an accident and emergency ward at a hospital, which is how it got its name

8. Death Don’t Always Taste Good
This one bears flickers of Company Flow/El-P, with it’s industrial & grungy core. There’s a sense of tangible urgency, and the burrowing insect percussion keeps things freakish enough to warrant the chunky neurofunk styled bassline which underpins it all

9. Snack Time
Picking up where ‘Death Don’t Always Taste Good’ leaves off through it’s overarching industrial and machine like quality, the juxtaposition in mood between this track’s two halves acts as a fitting microcosm of the project as a whole – it carries a particularly jarring and challenging nature, born out of the playground taunt melodies and awkward groove, and the payoff once again is in the lush, cradling sound design and chords which float in and out over its duration

10. Calculate
The factory / machine aesthetic comes to a head here, with the robotic rendition of Monty Python’s Argument Room sketch playing centre stage. In contrast to much of the rest of the LP, the beats here carry a more classic boom-bap groove, which is offset by the choice of offkilter & industrial drumkit

11. Ozbo
Here, a film-noir dark circus evil clown aesthetic converges with dub-influences and tips its cap towards jump up drum & bass. It carries a very tongue-in-cheek sensibility over from it’s predecessor ‘Calculate’ and sits as one of the album’s most playful and dancefloor centric jawns

12. Cadillac
This was built a lot like one of our old liquid dnb rollers but in halftime, with an emphasis on filter work which creates the moments of clarity. There are gospel themes to the music which hopefully conjures a kind of celebratory headspace to leave the listener in as the album draws to its conclusion

Credits to: Hyponik

Ivy Lab are one of the hottest groups around right now.

The London trio – made up of Stray, Sabre and Halogenix – are releasing their debut album, ‘Ivy Lab Presents 20/20 Volume One’, this week and it’s an absolute belter from start to finish. Producing tracks individually and collaboratively on it, they’ve served up a mix of scorching halftime and hazy, future-facing instrumental jams.

It’s a bold move from them, too. Even though they made their name giving us some of the most divine and delicate drum ‘n’ bass cuts of the last few years – ‘Make It Clear’ with Hydro and Frank Carter III on Metalheadz, ‘Oblique’ and ‘Live On Your Smile’ on Critical Recordings and their remix of Anushka’s ‘Never Can Decide’ – they defied expectations, rewrote the game-plan and decided to give us a taste of the style of music they’ll be championing on their new label, 20/20 LDN Recordings.

Another way of letting us know what the label’s all about is through their 20/20 mid-week club night that recently made the move to south London venue Phonox after a year at The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park. Joining them and residents Tim Parker and Deft, guests like Alix Perez, dBridge, Om Unit, Fracture and Sam Binga have passed through to spin cranky, twisted bass, blazing hip hop beats and frantic footwork. The next one sees them team up with London/Glasgow label Astral Black at east London venue Village Underground on November 21, inviting Ryan Hemsworth along. Judging by how much we loved the last one, we fully suggest you go if you’re in town.

They were one of our favourite acts at Croatian bass fest Outlook as well. So much so we basically stalked them and saw them play three times, on two boat parties and once at the Critical takeover of The Moat, and they smashed it every time.

Joining forces in 2013 and finding themselves among our breakthrough DJs list last year, 2015 is definitely the one they’ve become a name everyone’s raving about. The ‘Twenty Questions’ EP on Critical landed early doors – serving up a contender of drum ‘n’ bass tune of the year with the title track – before Lenzman called on them to remix ‘Paper Faces’ on the ‘Looking At The Stars’ remix album. The result? A soul-oozing gem, of course.

It’d be rude not to mention their solo skills while we’re here, although Sabre’s been quiet on that front since the crunching ‘Pinch Me’ with Cern on Dispatch Recordings in 2013. Stray and Halogenix might well have produced two of the year’s best EPs in ‘Paradise’ and ‘All Blue’ on Exit Records and Metalheadz respectively. Taking into account the sheen-smothered beauties they produce individually, it’s no wonder the group manage to blow us away with everything they do.

This mix is a tidy warm-up for the album, featuring six tunes from the record, with tracks by Alix Perez, Mr Carmack, Eprom, Enei, Kasra and Skeptical also being spun. Rugged and spanking in places, beaming and swooning in others, it’s a prime example of their tight, varied selection and the direction they’re heading. Crank up the sub, this one’s fully of rowdy bass.

Credits to: Mixmag

Ivy Lab makes their debut in Reno at The Bluebird on September 4th, 2019 as part of the Great Depressurization.

About this Event

Ivy Lab makes their debut in Reno at The Bluebird on September 4th, 2019 as  part of the Great Depressurization.

Special G Jones afterparty featuring special guests Kowta, VGNX and Furth b2b


Wormhole and The Untz Takeover!

$20 / $25

$20 at door with G Jones ticket stub.


BLOG The Sands

Depressurization Pool Party at The Sands

August 10, 2019
Post Image

Pink Mammoth (PM) was created by people who feel and believe in synergy. It is a collective that nurtures, encourages, and supports its participants in being completely themselves, in learning to express their true nature, and to practice their gifts freely and without condition.

PM understands and appreciates that people are more able to realize their fullest potential when they have the unconditional support and love of their community. And in turn, our participants provide unconditional love and support for the PM community, placing the fulfillment of those around them as high or even higher than their own. We borrow this concept from the path of the Bodhisattva, a Buddhist name for one who defers his or her own enlightenment for the sake of helping others attain their own. We believe that if we all practice this form of selflessness, then we all gain, and to a far greater degree than we ever could alone.

PM is also founded upon the principle of giving without expectation. We have discovered that when we give of ourselves freely and without expecting any kind of return, the sense of fulfillment within us is greater. And when an entire community practices this form of giving and sharing, then once again, everyone within that community bears greater rewards. Each of us in the PM community shares whatever we have with the primary purpose of helping our fellow, whether it be a form of art, a possession, or simply a favor. And when the fruits of our labors are rewarded by others – whether it be in monetary form or otherwise – these rewards are received with unencumbered gratitude, rather than with an expectation fulfilled.

In this era of commerce and impersonal exchange, we strive to transcend the traditional practice of offering one’s labors simply in exchange for money. PM participants demonstrate that when we work for ourselves, for our own spiritual fulfillment and for the sake of enlightening our fellow, there is no greater sense of satisfaction. It is a spiritual reward, a feeling that each of us has felt inside when we see that our gifts have benefited others, and have done so simply by being an extension of who we most naturally are. Traditional tenets of commerce have negated and ignored the immense value of spiritual fulfillment in our work, and PM strives to reintroduce this element into the lives of our participants, while still engaging in activities that bear financial support for them and their pursuits.

PM is a family. We strive to nurture a sense of closeness among us, a bond between us, and to create an environment of love and compassion, selflessness and support, health and vitality, that encourages each of us to be our best, to shine and to thrive. Like preparing communal meals and participating in recreative pursuits together, we constantly engage in activities that strengthen the bonds between us and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that we can only be our best when we are healthy, in spirit, mind, and body, and we constantly strive to help each other attain this state of holistic wellness.

Every penny of income that PM receives through activities goes directly to supporting our Burning Man infrastructure, to acquiring and maintaining the equipment our participants need, and to constantly generating awareness and recognition of our mission.

The survival and growth of PM depends upon its participants, in helping them to strip away the obstacles that block their path, and to provide them with the love and support of community as they find themselves and find ways of applying their innate gifts for benefit of all. All of us feel that every experience, every choice, every direction and change of direction has led us to this, preparing us and training us for creating the greatest and most rewarding effort of our lives. We believe in it with more commitment and faith than anything that has come before. PM is the ultimate manifestation of our collective vision we each feel a deep urge within, to see each other happy, to spread light into the world, to use our inherent gifts to help and enlighten each other. We are making our own world, the way we see it and wish to build it, and with every new person we welcome, the energy grows.

Credits to: Pink Mammoth

If you’re looking for a daytime camp where you can enjoy the best music Burning Man has to offer, Funky Town is the perfect place. It has a unique sound that you will not find anywhere else. This camp has a reputation for a swinging Wednesday day-party. During this event, art cars of all kinds come to show off, which means that you will get to see the full spectrum of artists at the festival. While you’re there, you’ll have a full view of the playa to enjoy while sipping on a custom smoothie and listening to the funkiest jams in the desert.

Credits to: Funky Town


The SurlyBird is the double decker art car of Surly Camp. She first debuted on the playa in 2003 and has undergone some amazing and imaginative transformations since then. As the DMV and Burning Man community are demanding higher quality art and ingenuity, the crew of Surly Camp rises to the occasion, offering the eyes new and inspiring imagery. 2012 brought forth the Surly Phoenix, with laser eyes and feathers galore. Lots of hard work went into this baby, and the DMV seemed happy enough…

The crew of Surly Camp steps up each year in a big way to give the old girl a fresh coat of love. They drive and fly in from all over the states to help out in the months before Burning Man. They do it out of love. They do it for you.

Have you experienced a bangin’ good time aboard the SurlyBird? Well, we want to hear about it. Tell us your stories, your adventures, your tragedies…after all, we’ve been known to listen now and again..

Credits to: Surly Bird

We’re Golden party purveyors here to boost your rave experience in to the stratosphere on a 24 karat gold spaceship made of endless walks of shame, bedhead, and regret. We’re here to make sure you and yours are prepped and ready for the sexiest damn time of your life, wrapped in gold, with a smiled ear to ear. We are Solid Gold Jacuzzi

Credits to: Solid Gold Jacuzzi


Depressurization at The Sands Pool September 2nd – 5th, 2019.

12pm – 8pm

Monday – Solid Gold Jacuzzi Takeover
Tuesday – Funkytown and Surly Camp Takeover
Wednesday – Pink Mammoth

Free to hotel guests of the Sands. Use code BURN19 to book now!