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Pink Mammoth (PM) was created by people who feel and believe in synergy. It is a collective that nurtures, encourages, and supports its participants in being completely themselves, in learning to express their true nature, and to practice their gifts freely and without condition.

PM understands and appreciates that people are more able to realize their fullest potential when they have the unconditional support and love of their community. And in turn, our participants provide unconditional love and support for the PM community, placing the fulfillment of those around them as high or even higher than their own. We borrow this concept from the path of the Bodhisattva, a Buddhist name for one who defers his or her own enlightenment for the sake of helping others attain their own. We believe that if we all practice this form of selflessness, then we all gain, and to a far greater degree than we ever could alone.

PM is also founded upon the principle of giving without expectation. We have discovered that when we give of ourselves freely and without expecting any kind of return, the sense of fulfillment within us is greater. And when an entire community practices this form of giving and sharing, then once again, everyone within that community bears greater rewards. Each of us in the PM community shares whatever we have with the primary purpose of helping our fellow, whether it be a form of art, a possession, or simply a favor. And when the fruits of our labors are rewarded by others – whether it be in monetary form or otherwise – these rewards are received with unencumbered gratitude, rather than with an expectation fulfilled.

In this era of commerce and impersonal exchange, we strive to transcend the traditional practice of offering one’s labors simply in exchange for money. PM participants demonstrate that when we work for ourselves, for our own spiritual fulfillment and for the sake of enlightening our fellow, there is no greater sense of satisfaction. It is a spiritual reward, a feeling that each of us has felt inside when we see that our gifts have benefited others, and have done so simply by being an extension of who we most naturally are. Traditional tenets of commerce have negated and ignored the immense value of spiritual fulfillment in our work, and PM strives to reintroduce this element into the lives of our participants, while still engaging in activities that bear financial support for them and their pursuits.

PM is a family. We strive to nurture a sense of closeness among us, a bond between us, and to create an environment of love and compassion, selflessness and support, health and vitality, that encourages each of us to be our best, to shine and to thrive. Like preparing communal meals and participating in recreative pursuits together, we constantly engage in activities that strengthen the bonds between us and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that we can only be our best when we are healthy, in spirit, mind, and body, and we constantly strive to help each other attain this state of holistic wellness.

Every penny of income that PM receives through activities goes directly to supporting our Burning Man infrastructure, to acquiring and maintaining the equipment our participants need, and to constantly generating awareness and recognition of our mission.

The survival and growth of PM depends upon its participants, in helping them to strip away the obstacles that block their path, and to provide them with the love and support of community as they find themselves and find ways of applying their innate gifts for benefit of all. All of us feel that every experience, every choice, every direction and change of direction has led us to this, preparing us and training us for creating the greatest and most rewarding effort of our lives. We believe in it with more commitment and faith than anything that has come before. PM is the ultimate manifestation of our collective vision we each feel a deep urge within, to see each other happy, to spread light into the world, to use our inherent gifts to help and enlighten each other. We are making our own world, the way we see it and wish to build it, and with every new person we welcome, the energy grows.

Credits to: Pink Mammoth

If you’re looking for a daytime camp where you can enjoy the best music Burning Man has to offer, Funky Town is the perfect place. It has a unique sound that you will not find anywhere else. This camp has a reputation for a swinging Wednesday day-party. During this event, art cars of all kinds come to show off, which means that you will get to see the full spectrum of artists at the festival. While you’re there, you’ll have a full view of the playa to enjoy while sipping on a custom smoothie and listening to the funkiest jams in the desert.

Credits to: Funky Town


The SurlyBird is the double decker art car of Surly Camp. She first debuted on the playa in 2003 and has undergone some amazing and imaginative transformations since then. As the DMV and Burning Man community are demanding higher quality art and ingenuity, the crew of Surly Camp rises to the occasion, offering the eyes new and inspiring imagery. 2012 brought forth the Surly Phoenix, with laser eyes and feathers galore. Lots of hard work went into this baby, and the DMV seemed happy enough…

The crew of Surly Camp steps up each year in a big way to give the old girl a fresh coat of love. They drive and fly in from all over the states to help out in the months before Burning Man. They do it out of love. They do it for you.

Have you experienced a bangin’ good time aboard the SurlyBird? Well, we want to hear about it. Tell us your stories, your adventures, your tragedies…after all, we’ve been known to listen now and again..

Credits to: Surly Bird

We’re Golden party purveyors here to boost your rave experience in to the stratosphere on a 24 karat gold spaceship made of endless walks of shame, bedhead, and regret. We’re here to make sure you and yours are prepped and ready for the sexiest damn time of your life, wrapped in gold, with a smiled ear to ear. We are Solid Gold Jacuzzi

Credits to: Solid Gold Jacuzzi


Depressurization at The Sands Pool September 2nd – 5th, 2019.

12pm – 8pm

Monday – Solid Gold Jacuzzi Takeover
Tuesday – Funkytown and Surly Camp Takeover
Wednesday – Pink Mammoth

Free to hotel guests of the Sands. Use code BURN19 to book now!