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Cirque du Freakz was developed in Los Angeles, CA in 2013 to breath new life into the underground/electronic scene. With a vision to integrate the emerging EDM music, with Live bands, Burlesque, Circus arts, and a touch of Vaudeville! We have created a playground for your soul… an escape from reality, a place to let your freak flag fly! SO COME EXPERIENCE THE UNEXPECTED at the next Cirque Du Freakz.

Rumpus, by definition, does in fact bring the noise – and the bodies – to dance floors and music festivals around the globe. Drumming since the age of 12 and growing up playing in punk rock bands, Rumpus has since evolved into a full-time touring DJ/Drummer and producer of high vibe, funky house music.

Rumpus’ live drumming blended with a finely tuned DJ palette, serves up an irresistible feast for attuned music lovers and funky festival freaks alike. His visually captivating high-energy live show fuses his signature house sound with elements of other genres such as hip hop and experimental future bass. With releases on Westwood Recordings & Australia’s ‘Sweat it Out’ Club Sweat label, the Rumpus sound has been described as “what you get if funk house and bass house had a kid”. 2019 is on course to be another major year with lots of new music, a packed tour schedule, and a few other surprises up his sleeve.

Credits to: Rumpus Facebook

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Fusing two fresh-off-the-mountain electronic music addicts, Tim and Dave together create 12 feet and 350 lbs of turbo-funk-boosted, snowsuit-donning man flesh. Hailing from the world famous ski town of Whistler, this dynamic duo loves shredding fresh power almost as much as they love smashing out hit records in the studio.

Producing & performing together since 2010, they are like savage yetis feeding off of each other during their high energy live shows (which often feature snow machines & loud retro ski gear) while they blast through genres playing everything funky from bassline house to black-diamond twerk.

Credits to:  Skii Tour Facebook Page 

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Denver based, New Zealand born master of intergalactic funk, K+LAB, has been rocking dance floors and bringing the heat to the masses since he first burst onto the scene with his debut album “Spacedirt” in 2013. An ever-expanding galaxy of FUNK, K+Lab’s sound is always absorbing and incorporating a seemingly endless array of influences and vibes – the head-nod aesthetic of hip-hop, the futuristic techniques of Glitch-hop and the fury of drum n’ bass – all tied together by an orbital pull of all things funky. Unlike anything else occupying the sonic landscape today, Armed with his signature keytar, K+Lab’s incredible, live performances garnered high profile slots at some of the world’s most lauded dance festivals like Oregon Eclipse, Electric Love, Shambhala Music Festival, Breakfest,, Rainbow Serpent, Northern Bass and has seen him conquer dancefloors across over the globe including U.S,
Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, South America and his native New Zealand.

​With 3 full length albums including “The Worldly’s” (2016) on Gramatik’s imprint (Lowtemp) and “The Booty Galactic” on The Funk Hunters label (Westwood recordings) + a steady release schedule of EPS, Colabs and remixes, K+Lab has solidified himself as the best selling Glitch Hop artist of 2017 & 18 on the Beatport charts and was nominated twice for “Best electronic album” at the New Zealand music awards. Since reloacating to Denver he has been busy pushing his sound even further in to the Cosmos and working with local funksters to bring you the next era of the K+Lab journey, hold tight and get ready to have your booty galactified with the super sonic sounds of Captain K+Lab.

Credits to: Captain K+Lab Website

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TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is an eclectic and versatile seven-piece band that fuses together a multitude of musical styles from across the world into a psychedelic explosion of sound. Equipped with didgeridoos, sitars, guitars, world percussion, keys, synthesizers,  drums, bass, flutes, harmonicas, banjos, and the kitchen sink; it is a musical ensemble like no other. The band draws inspiration from a myriad of musical genres such as afro funk, jazz, psychedelic groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western circus cabaret. Though the band’s sound is unique in its own right, the TV Broken 3rd Eye Open experience also has a significant visual component. The TV Towers 2.0 (debuting in April 2019) is a way to express the way the band sees their music through visual art. Stunning visuals of sacred geometry and psychedelic imagery are then projected on to the stage to combine with the music to make for a truly unique experience.

Grooving and playing with so many different styles and sound textures has allowed the band to continuously grow from a style perspective. Just as their music has grown, so too has their festival presence. Having played at festivals such as Electric Forrest, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity; TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s exposure is on the rise. The band’s recent collaboration with visual prodigy  Pickles Visuals and Stranger Liquids has certainly solidified TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s status as a must-see band on any festival line-up.

In addition, members of the band can facilitate workshops, lectures, and classes of different kinds to enrich any festival experience. For example, one of the members is a certified and licensed sound therapist who can provide personal/group healings, workshops, meditations and interactive experiences involving sound healing. TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s current line-up consists of Adrian Johnson (global instrument specialist), Nathan Harvey (drums), Jasym Ellis (guitar, synth), Travis Soto (Bass), Alex Mello (Keys), Roberto Rodriguez (Percussion), and Pickle/Stranger Liquids (visuals).

Credits to: TV Broken 3rd Eye Open Website

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Lantz Lazwell & the Vibe Tribe service the deep, melodic desires that drives us to dance while providing a complete auditory/visual experience to dazzle the senses.

Lantz has not only been a national touring artist for years, traveling and sharing the stage w such greats as George Clinton, Bernie Worrel, Eric McFadden, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), but also was the winner of a Los Angeles Music Award for “Best Rock Male vocalist ” in 2007.

His new project “Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe”, fuses elements of Live and electronic music, Fusion Belly dance (Jayna Manoushe- Belly Dance Superstars), and circus arts.

This pairing of digital & performance art to their rock ‘n soul , world beat inspired grooves, is an immersive, one of a kind experience that has continued to captivate audiences across the nation.

A festival staple… A powerhouse of talent and showmanship… Lantz Lazwell & the Vibe Tribe bring the rock ‘n’ soul anthem back into your heart & rock you right.

Credits to: Lantz LazWell & The Vibe Tribe Website

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This LA project began when Madison Orange & DJ Lou E. Bagels held the same vision to share the beautiful yet dark sides of Los Angeles through music, visuals, and performance artists. They bring awareness to leading issues such as the homeless epidemic and drug abuse, while also shining light on the incredible talents that are inspired by the famous, crazy City. Together their they specialize in BassHouse, House, & Tribal House music that are approach for the setting and are guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor.

GoGo Hoop Dance Stars:
Founders of the GoGo Hoop Dance Stars Katelyn Carano & Madison Orange come together to perform a “Best Friend” multi LED hoop duet. The GoGo Hoop Dance® Stars are a professional LED, Fire, Aeriel, & DJ international entertainment company specializing in elongated performances alongside musicians & DJs.


A Tahoe/Reno local House DJ known for his bass heavy, entrancing deep house and booty shaking bass sets, he will leave you sweaty and craving more!!!

Lady Nichole
Lady Nichole will be sparking up your senses with a burlesque routine you don’t want to miss!



COMING TO RENO AFTER BURNING MAN? If so, join us for one of the best party’s in town. Come shake your dust off at the annual Cirque du Freakz Afterburn at Faces NV – your official afterparty for The Great Depressurization Tuesday night in Reno!Our line-up this year is truly the best we have done to date. We are excited to announce that Westwood Records will be combining forces w the Cirque Du Freak team to bring you this extraordinary event!

Dj Zehbra