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November 28, 2014
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Admittedly, I have turned into that annoying “no TV” guy. When someone asks me “Did you see that commercial about the dog and the guy and the toilet?” I start with “no.” Usually I am asked in return “How have you not seen that? It’s on all the time” to which I have to respond “I don’t own a television.” I don’t think I’m better than anyone who owns one; TV and I have been roommates on and off since I was little. Eventually I realized I function better without one. I end up watching dumb stuff for no reason, and I think back about all that GARBAGE I watched growing up and it kind of sickens me.

Free TV

However, the final tossing of the boob tube onto the sidewalk with a “FREE (works)” sign attached happened when I discovered Reno’s indie theater scene. My parents took me to big production plays when I was young, and you are also currently reading the yammerings of Sycamore Junior High’s lead actor of The Phantom Toolbooth (Milo). After that, theater kind disappeared in my life.

My friend took me to Pageant at Brüka Theater many years ago and I walked out with my stomach muscles in agony from laughter. That one experience inspired me to buy season tickets for a few years, and in doing so I realized there is even more “like that” in Reno. These performances were the final nail in the coffin for the big black box. In theater, storytelling, stand-up, etc, there are no overdubs, reshoots, adding filters or manipulation to cover mistakes It’s pure, raw and un-edited. I was a changed man.

Not long after moving to Reno in 2006, I met Jessica “Jester” Levity at the Studio on 4th Street. We discovered in a phone number exchange that both hail from Cincinnati, OH, so clearly our Midwestern/Ohio pride was huge (FYI people from Ohio are very proud and it has nothing to do with our sportsball teams). While I was focused on music, she had founded an improv comedy troupe called The Utility Players. According to Levity “I had a insatiable yearning to see really good improv comedy, and I also dreamed the name “The Utility Players”, and thought, “Holy shit, that would be a great name for a comedy troupe that can do anything.”(fun fact: A ‘utility player’ is a baseball term for someone who can play any position proficiently). We stayed in touch over the years (see: Midwestern/Ohio pride) and seeing each other’s endeavors grow, we had both grown out of the Studio on 4th and in 2011 I found myself at my first Utility Players show at the Pioneer Underground.


utility players onstage

Modeled after the 1998-2007 show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Utility Players take the crowd through a series of “games” which create scenarios for the comedians to improvise within. What makes this way better than the show is first, it’s live; and second, no network TV censorship (the show is 18+ only) so it has an “anything goes” ethos. After attending easily over fifteen UP’s shows I can promise that anything truly does go.

Much like an improv jazz band or jamband, improv is influenced by the energy of the crowd, the moods of the comedians, the ideas called out from the crowd, or even how recently practiced are the comedians? One thing that’s so magic about improv is the unknown. Will this “show” be incredible or fall flat? When a performer walks on stage with no set-list, skit, or pre-rehearsed bit, the potential is completely unknown. Throw in inviting crowd members up onstage for games, and every show is a wild card. I’ve seen the Utility Player’s build so much energy in a room your hair stands on end, and a few times they’ve even ended a game by saying “ok, that was terrible.” It’s a risk you take to create magic.


utility players audience

After a long tenure at the Pioneer Underground, they were offered an incredible opportunity: their own theater and weekly gig at the Sands Regency. “Jester’s Theater” was created in small conference room upstairs in the Sands (fun fact: the rooms was previously The Funny Bone Comedy Club until 2007). My first thought was “the Utility Players are already great, but when a group like this performs weekly instead of monthly, their improv is going to get even better than before.” While the theater created in the Sands is no Pioneer Underground structurally, it’s more intimate and you can hear the performers better than ever. The cast for this past week: Amanda Alvey, Chris Daniels, Derek Sonderfan, Ian Sorensen, Joe Garton, Shane Tolomeo, Stacy Johnson and Taryn Gomez, along with host Jessica “The Jester” Levity, clearly have benefited from their weekly gigs. It was clear their improv was quicker, sharper and funnier. From “game” to “game” the overall consistency of the show was really strong. The crowd was pretty rowdy but overall respectful and was adding great cues (when asked).

Not only did their weekly gigs tighten their show, but they were invited to the SF Improv Festival this past September. That experience, Levity says “humbled us, it inspired us, it networked us, and, in the words of Derek Sonderfan (our musician): ‘It wasn’t our greatest performance, but it showed that we deserved to be at SFIF.’ They loved our performance, and the team bonding that occurred that weekend is irreplaceable. Most importantly, a bunch of improv junkies got to see a bunch of incredible improv, and it has completely set a new bar for what we want to do as a troupe. Also, the UPs got to witness THE troupe that single-handedly inspired me to create my own troupe when I saw them in Amsterdam — Boom Chicago. They were speechless after the performance.”

There are only two shows left in The Utility Player’s eighth season at the Sands. THIS TROUPE IS FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS RIGHT NOW. Every Saturday through 12/20 (no show on 12/13). Tickets are available online at or the Sands cage. Doors open at 7:30 (get there on time to get best seats). These shows have been selling out so we recommend arriving early and buying presale tickets.Please also like Homeslice Productions and The Utility Players on Facebook.






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November 18, 2014
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There is change in the air. Not only are the seasons changing where we live, but I’m witnessing a musical change too. Maybe not so much a change, but I’m witnessing people engaging in a wider range of musical styles. For someone like me, who considers an ideal Sunday to have the doors and windows open, cooking breakfast and playing the Oh Brother! Where Art Thou? soundtrack, I can’t be more happy about it. Most of our social outings involve so much loud music that being able to absorb the emotion of a simple song, a story or just one classical guitarist is the perfect balance to all the heaviness of the rest of the world.

I was hired at Lightning in a Bottle this year to assist with the Grand Artique. On Saturday night, I was charged as stage manager and two of the acts I worked with turned out to be my favorite acts of the weekend: WC Thornbush’s Great American Show and The Wild Reeds. Where WC Thornbush brought a raucous throwback show reminiscent of dust bowl revivals and political rallies, The Wild Reeds blew me away with powerful yet delicate harmonies, emotional and inspiring vocals and really beautiful and personal stage performance. Immediately after their show I asked for a CD to purchase, which the obliged and sold me an advance copy of their then forth-coming album, Blind and Brave.

The Wild Reeds soundcheck at LIB • Grand Artique Stage • A.o.K. Photography
The Wild Reeds soundcheck at LIB • Grand Artique Stage • A.o.K. Photography

Buying an album of a band you just heard for the first time is a coin toss. I don’t necessarily want it to sound exactly what I just heard, but what I want is to make me feel similar. Blind and Brave did this for me. Kicking off with “Where I’m Going,” which starts with a stomping declaration:

“You think you know where I’m going,
the truth is I haven’t got a clue
one thing I know where I’m going,
there won’t be another you”

The three part harmonies of Kinsey, Mack and Sharon, backed by drummer and bass player Nick and Jason, build to a floating yet climatic release that drops eventually back down and drops into one of my favorite songs ever recorded, “Let No Grief.” I’ve listened to this song at least 500 times. Not exaggerating here. Instead of describing it, I’ll leave a teaser video below (this version is without drums and bass).

The title track and first single, “Blind and Brave,” follows “Let No Grief” perfectly. They released an incredible video (below) and the production on the album on this track lends to a more successful single in my eyes. It’s a beautiful song, less somber than “Let No Grief,” yet without lacking the emotional power of it’s predecessor.

Other notable tracks on Blind and Brave include the old-timey shuffle of “Love Letter;” “Judgement,” a haunting track which moves like a steam engine in it’s chugging chorus, then dropping into a mellow verses as if slowing down to keep itself from derailing due to speed. “Lock and Key” drops the listener off on the singers beckoning for “courage to carry me across the danger.”

Really excited to see The Wild Reeds again. They support Noah Gunderson at Cargo inside Whitney Peak Hotel on November 23rd. This is a seated show and tickets are limited. Visit or the front desk of Whitney Peak Hotel for tickets. This is an all ages show.

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August 31, 2014
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Welcome back Burners!
(updated 2:30pm Sept 1st)

I’m sure your time out in Black Rock City was nothing short of stupendous. Having the Burners from around the world all congregate in Reno afterwards to cooldown before they head back to the default world is almost as fun as Burning Man itself! Here is rundown  (below) of the hotel situation in Reno right now (as of 10:10pm, August 31st), so you don’t have to run around, get frustrated and end up sleeping spread over two porch chairs.
In case you missed it, we put this together for the stranded Burners last Monday about restaurants, bars, shopping, etc is HERE
If you didn’t hear, there is a giant rib festival in Sparks (which you drive right through heading west as you come into Reno today  (Monday). The Best in The West Rib Cook-Off is a huge street festival featuring BBQ fanatics and connoisseurs from around the United States squaring off the the title “Best in The West.” The food and people watching is normally top-notch. At the very least, go buy a ton of BBQ sauce  you won’t find in your hometown stores to take home with you.
TUESDAY: Thievery Corporation is playing with a full band at the Grand Sierra Resort with Mark Farina and Dirtwire as part of the 5th Annual Great Depressurization Chamber. Grand Sierra has been the spot for post-BRC for years. It’s definitely a great “last hurrah” to gather everyone in one spot to dance to one of the most incredible and influential musical acts of all time.  Tickets available HERE. Afterparty features Rob Garza of Thievery, jackLNDN, Miss Cooper and Her Pet Craigslist Hookup and more at the stunning new LEX Nightclub. Plus five four-star restaurants, cafe, spa, driving range and 24 hour bowling, to name a few things.


Here’s a little rundown on the hotel room situation in Reno for Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday all hotels have availability). Please remember though….people cancel rooms, so always worth it to call even if we say it’s sold out here. (this was compiled on August 31st, at 10:10pm)


Grand Sierra Resort is sold out. DJ Dan and more play at LEX Nightclub at 10pm for small cover and no dress code.  Pool party happening now with Georgette Crush, Brass Tax, Barisone, Zebuel, more.
• El Dorado Casino has rooms starting at $55.00
Whitney Peak Hotel: has rooms starting at $109.00
Silver Legacy: Rooms starting at $59.00
Sands Regency is sold out.
Circus Circus rooms starting at $45.00
Harrah’s: Rooms starting at $65.00
• Wildflower Village: Check availability
John Ascuaga’s Nugget: Starting at $39.00
• Morris Burner Hotel/Hostel: Call for availability


Grand Sierra Resort is getting close to selling out. Their beautiful Summit Rooms available still, as well as Standard Rooms. Use code BURN14 for rooms starting at $117.00. This includes free access to the pool party. Line-up HERE and tickets for Thievery Corporation, Mark Farina and Dirtwire are in the Summit Pavilion. Rob Garza, jackLNDN and more play the after party in LEX. TICKETS AND INFO HERE
• El Dorado Casino: Rooms starting at $42.99
Whitney Peak Hotel: Rooms starting at $109.00
Silver Legacy: Rooms starting at $80.00
Sands Regency rooms starting at $30.00. Includes access to pool party.
Circus Circus rooms starting at $39.00
Harrah’s: Rooms starting at $45.00
• Wildflower Village: Check availability
John Ascuaga’s Nugget: Starting at $35.00
• Morris Burner Hotel/Hostel: Call for availability


 All hotels and casinos have availability. The Grand Sierra has a pool party with a big LINE-UP and Desert Hearts and Sabo send people off in style at LEX Nightclub.


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August 25, 2014
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We love this city……but don’t get any ideas about moving here or anything. Here are a few of our favorite places to make your stay here more pleasant….we are sticking to around downtown/midtown areas, so clearly this isn’t comprehensive, but something we whipped up really quick for the out-of-towners.

• • •


Look no further than the Grand Sierra Resort! Currently code BURN14 will get you 50% off prevailing room rates (you can book online, call or just go in with the cod). Summit Tower rooms are as low as $65! Quite a steal for how nice this place keeps becoming with the remodels. Plus the best pool in town.

• • •




Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, Philipp from M.A.N.D.Y., TychoDJ Dan, Elite Force, Ethan Miller and other special guests will be rocking the front bar at LEX Nightclub in Grand Sierra tonight FREE!

• • •


I know…you live in “insert city” here and you have the best Mexican food. Honestly I’ve traveled all over the US and Mexico; and I’ve brought people from all your cities to LOS GALLOS TAQUERIA….they all agree it’s a clear winner as one of the best traditional Mexican food spots. My favorites are the tacos: cabeza, lengua, chorizo, al pastor, carnitas all win. For other fairs, Italian-inspired Campo on the river, bistro and amazing burgers at Midtown Eats, Old Granite Street Eatery also sources lots of delicious local food for their creations, Brasserie St James has creole-inspired food and incredible beer, Grateful Gardens or Laughing Planet for the more health-conscious, grab brunch or breakfast tomorrow at The Stonehouse, sushi at Sushi Lover or Kokopelli’s (yes we know Kokopelli’s is in a CASINO, but trust us on this one), Asian food at Golden Flower is open till 3am, Bangkok Cuisine has great Thai food, Pho 777 has the best pho, Noble Pie has your pizza and wings fix.

• • •


Walk down our river to Wingfield Park Downtown, take hike up Rattlesnake Mountain, drive up the Mt Rose Hwy to see the breathtaking views of Tahoe. So many amazing beautiful places to check out.

• • •


The Great Basic Community Co-Op is most centrally located. Other options are Whole Foods, Raley’s and Trader Joes.

• • •


Great coffee can be found at Coffee Bar, The Hub, Bibo’s.

• • •


Our friends at The Melting Pot World Emporium have everything. Playa-wear, glass, gas, costumes, blinky stuff. For your more kinky and sexy side, check out The Chocolate Walrus or Suzie’s.

• • •


The 5 Star Saloon is open downtown, as well as Tronix out on Kietzke.

• • •


St James Infirmary, Shea’s Tavern, JubJub’s Thirst Parlor, Ampersand, to name a few.

• • •


HOPE THIS HELPS! We’ll see you out there and afterwards at The Great Depressurization Chamber at the Grand Sierra!


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Thievery Corporation, Mark Farina, Dirtwire (The Great Depressurization Chamber at the Grand Sierra)

July 30, 2014
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[July 30, 2014 – Reno, NV] Thievery Corporation travels to Reno on September 2nd for an exclusive live performance at The Grand Sierra Resort during their 2014 Fall Saudade Tour.  This show will also feature two special musical guests: house music legend Mark Farina and Dirtwire, which features David Satori of Beats Antique. The extremely special concert is considered the “main event” for Fresh Bakin’s 5th Annual Great Depressurization Chamber. The event gathers over 50 artists from Black Rock City and beyond performing poolside at The Beach, in the Summit Pavilion and latenight for an event that’s become almost as infamous as Burning Man itself.

When they met in the mid-1990s, Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton and Rob Garza instantly bonded over their shared passion for bossa nova. Dedicating their 1996 debut ‘Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi’ to bossa nova pioneer Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Washington, D.C.-based duo have spent nearly two decades creating boundary-warping, complexly crafted electronic music partly inspired by bossa nova’sintricate rhythms and lush textures. Now, with their seventh studio album ‘Saudade,’ Thievery Corporation present their first release devoted entirely to the Brazilian-born genre that first connected them. “We always try to progress into something different and stretch our musical chops, and taking a whole album to dive into this one sound seemed like a really great way to do that,” says Hilton. Adds Garza: “It’s a bit of a departure for us, but at the same time these are our roots, this is what brought us together. It’s us coming full circle from electronic music back to something organic before we move on to our next chapter.”

Saudade is available through, as well as all digital and physical retailers.

Tickets are available now at, , and at the Grand Sierra box office.


Event Title: Thievery Corporation – 2014 Saudade Tour

Event Date: Tue. September 2nd 2014

Opener Support: Mark Farina; Dirtwire

Venue:  Grand Sierra Resort

Address: 2500 E 2nd Street  Reno NV

Times: 7PM

Age Restrictions:  All Ages

Ticket Link:







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June 24, 2014
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There are so many yoga teachers out there it’s hard for someone like myself, who attempts to practice three to six days a week, to pick. In the past years I’ve based my class schedule on WHAT the class is, as opposed to WHO is teaching. Admittedly, I don’t read yoga magazine, yoga forums or know really any of the big yoga companies or teachers. The ”headliners” don’t really mean anything to me…in fact I’ve accidentally signed up for them and have left both satisfied and disappointed. My first year of Wanderlust I accidentally signed up for the same teacher three times, whose classes dealt with a different aspect of yoga and built on each other. What a great accident. She was a fantastic intro to Wanderlust for me, still a relative noobie at the time. I have forgotten her name, although I know I haven’t seen her since.

The studio I practice in Reno is The Studio which was another “accidental” find. I’m a creature of proximity, so I picked the studio closest to my house. With 99% certainty I can remember my first class was a hot vinyasa taught by a vibrant and attentive woman named Melissa Martinez. The room was packed…and hot! The room seemed full of seasoned veterans, intermediates and beginners. It was a challenge…on many levels. There was chanting at the beginning (I’ve never been one for sing-alongs), the practice itself was intense, then more chanting at the end. Throughout the years, The Studio has remained my preferred yoga studio as I can attend Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, Level 2 Hot, The Yoga of Fire and Water, and a multitude of other classes to keep my ADD at bay, and Melissa has become one of my favorite instructors. Since the first day, I’ve seen her grow and change as well, becoming a stronger teacher, launch a teacher training program and birth a child! I am extremely happy for her to have been selected again as a Wanderlust 2014 instructor as the world can use a little more Melissa influence and friendship.

FB: How is mommy hood?

MM: We’re 17 days deep in this journey with our son, Jai Bodhi and I’m still totally blown away by the whole trip. Life is a miracle. As I witness the magic of this little beings development everyday, I’m feeling really honored to be a mom.

Is it everything you anticipated?

I remember just anticipating the birth, which turned out to be an insane experience! Wow. Birthing a human. Wow. I remember thinking that it would be challenging once we brought our weeble wobble home but, nothing and no one could’ve prepared me for this. I think the most surprising thing at this moment is how much this little being needs me. You really can’t imagine how totally dependent they are on you. You can’t even wrap your head around it if you’ve never experienced it. In some ways it feels like the most selfless service on the planet but at the same time how could it be as the rewards are boundless. Success is now measured in smiles and contentment of another being. This is powerful stuff. My whole entire world shrunk to 20 inches and 7 lbs. 2 oz. Oh and sleep! Delicious, wonderful, beautiful sleep… It eludes me if I try to chase it. I can only except that it doesn’t exist the way it use to and then this whole trip is much more doable. I know that it gets better– this is what they say. I know that it’s actually really hard right now to be honest but, again how could it be hard when the rewards are so great. Just looking at his precious little face fills me up and that hour of sleep that I got last night doesn’t matter.

FB: Where are you from? How did you find yoga?

MM: I’m from the San Francisco bay area– literally. During my most formative years we lived on a boat in Redwood City, Docktown Marina. That sounds really cool but not when you’re 12 and trying to listen to Billy Idol on your cassette player. We also moved around quite a bit and lived in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Fremont, Oakland…so, I am a Northern California girl through and through.

Yoga found me about 14 years ago living in Portland Oregon. I was so terrible at the yoga poses– completely inflexible and totally clueless. I remember I couldn’t even sit with my legs crossed in the folded position. I was so out of touch with my physical health even though I went to the gym. When I moved to San Diego a year later I brought a post-it note on which I wrote ‘Go To Yoga’ and taped it to my medicine cabinet in the bathroom so that I could be reminded every day to continue my practice. I was so intrigued that I went to as many workshops, immersions, trainings, retreats, festivals and anything I could for years. Dharma unfolded through my studentship. The lineage that I cherish continues to reveal my heart and my connection to the source from which everything comes. I’ve taught for around seven years and this whole journey has taken me to India with my teacher Janet Stone and Christopher (Hareesh) Wallace; it’s been thousands of hours of study and it’s still going. This year I launched We Are One Flow Yoga 200-hr Teacher Trainings and held space for 37 trainees. The Reno yoga community was rocked by a truly incredible teacher training! The yoga scene is blowing up in Reno!

We need ONE obligatory yoga pose picture, right?
We need ONE obligatory yoga pose picture, right?

FB: Describe you style and your philosophy behind your classes, flow and structure?

MM: The Yoga that I teach is flow yoga or vinyasa yoga. Spontaneity and my fullest attention go into each class. I’ve always thought of teaching group classes as conducting energy. I love music!I love bass. I truly love many different genres of music. I play with the energetic exchange of music and flowing sequences of postures. I’m influenced by my teachers Rusty Wells, Janet Stone, and Shaelah Morris…massive doses of humor when the moment arises is always welcome. Laughing rules.

FB: Is this your first time at Wanderlust?

MM: I was a presenter at Wanderlust last year and attended every festival before that. This year I’m presenting a workshop on Thursday and a class on Friday. The workshop is an offering for those that want to get to know yoga as therapy. Thursday at 1:00-3:00pm I lead Peaceful Therapeutic Flow. This is all about low and slow vinyasa for everybody at any stage in life. It’s important that we create a sustainable pace for practice and support healing through serving the breath. Come to relax and begin your weekend right! On Friday from 2:00-3:30pm, hang out with Dj HyFi and me for Ujjayi Breathing & Your Heart Beating. Dj HyFi (Ian) will provide some seriously deep lush atmospheric landscapes for you to get into your body and out of your mind. You don’t want to miss this! Ian is extremely talented at playing with the energy of the room and taking you on a trip.

FB: Obviously your experience will be drastically different than years past!
MM: My experiences at Wanderlust in the past have been full-on gluttonous which I highly recommend. This year if you see me in the village and I’ve showered and am wearing clothes, I will be deeply satisfied. I think that all of my asana, pranayama, and meditation thus far have prepared me for mommyhood. There’s a lot in the bank and I’ll be withdrawing! I hope that you do some downward-facing dog for me and maybe flip it over or do one of those yoga classes turned dance parties. I might just be in Savasana or Breastfeeding asana. It’s all good. It’s all yoga.

Melissa Martinez teaches at The Studio Reno, 1085 South Virginia St. Her website is // Her next teacher training is in Spring 2015. Info at or email


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Excuse me sir, But that R2 unit is in prime condition

June 20, 2014
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This year’s Wanderlust, in our opinion, has the best musical line-up since 2011…remember that year? It was so good Wanderlust was almost not invited back? Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Beats Antique, Brazilian Girls, Moby and Yard Dogs Road Show basically turned Squaw into a Phish-lot-turned-bass music festival….which is great or bad depending who you talked to. Understandably, after that year the music turned a little calmer and skewed towards a different demographic as the valley didn’t take kindly to immense bass rumbling the mountainside. This year, Wanderlust has curated a great line-up with two of the best turntablists and producers in the world indie hop hop/trip hop genre, RJD2 and DJ Krush, throwing in the musico-fused electronic experiment Big Gigantic, Thriftworks’ mindtwisting productions, the Polyphonic Spree’s euphoric choir, Bluetech’s beautiful downtempo creations, Manic Focus, Nahko and Medicine for the People and plenty more for any taste.

Whether you like music with your yoga or not, it’s apparent in many classes they go hand in hand. That feeling you get in a show when everyone is connected, vibing and dancing….it’s the same feeling you can feel in yoga classes. Everyone moving and breathing together creates that same connectedness you can feel on the dancefloor when it’s REALLY REALLY GOOD. And on top if it all…what better way to get ready your body and mind ready to play some music in front of a crowd then some yoga? In fact, a little yoga before any activity is a good idea.

rjd2 mask
Click to enter to win a free ticket to RJD2


We met RJD2 a few years ago….and that’s what he was doing. He was co-billing a show with The Glitch Mob and we saw him dropping into some yoga poses before his set. When he appeared on the line-up, it didn’t surprise us a bit. We’ve been following RJ’s music since the early part of the 2000’s. It’s one of the artists that is a constant in our repetoir (kind of like Ween for us).

RJD2 originally began his career in Columbus, Ohio, DJing in 1993 with a pair of turntables bought from a friend. He claims his name originates from another friend who referenced him as “rjd2” in his raps, and the name stuck. Besides being one of the best turntablists out there, his productions have placed him on numerous “Best of the Year” lists, he created the theme song for AMC’s Mad Men, a cover of Radiohead’s “Exit Music,” an entire album with acclaimed MC Aceyalone, to name a few. He released his most recent album, More Is Than Isn’t, last year (link below). A solid RJD2 album which crosses genres of disco/funk, indie hip hop, soul/r&b….basically this diversely great album can be your soundtrack to an urban and rural roadtrip or would be comfortable as Tarantino movie score. Definitely looking forward to hearing this material live…as RJD2 never disappoints live: Four turntables, two mixers and two samplers. This guy is an animal.

4 Turntables, 2 samplers/MIDI controllers, 2 mixers
4 Turntables, 2 samplers/MIDI controllers, 2 mixers

FB: It’s been awhile since you’ve been to our area…welcome back! I remember when you came here the first time you were wondering “Do people even know me here?” Turns out the show sold out at the Grand Sierra and a lot of people turned out for your set.

RJ: That was a great night.
FB: When we talked backstage we talked a bit about yoga and your practice. Did that play into your decision to do Wanderlust?

RJ: It was definitely a cool peripheral benefit of sorts-music is always going to be my focal point, but I’m excited to see what the whole scene is like out there!

FB: What is your yoga practice? What style(s) do you practice/prefer?

RJ: I’m actually not the most “schooled” practitioner; I basically have some moves that work for me that I have been taught, and I stick to them(when I’m being diligent. I definitely notice a difference in my daily well-being if I slack off. Being in airplanes and cars all the time doesn’t make your back too happy, you know? Maybe someday I’ll go full bore, but for now, I just do what I can.

FB: Yoga studio or at home?

RJ: Home

FB: You had also just had a child then. Still have just the one? Has your kids/fatherhood changed anything about music for you?

RJ: Yup, still just the little guy at the moment. It’s changed EVERYTHING. What my records sound like, how often I do shows, the legacy I’m going to leave behind-it recalibrates everything in your life, quite literally.

FB: Will you be have your custom video show in Wanderlust?

RJ: Hmmm-depends on what my set time is, and the technical stuff, but I hope so! (FYI his set time is 10pm on Friday!)
FB: Anyone you’d like to work with in the future?

RJ: D’angelo would be pretty great. Action Bronson, Mastodon, Chance the Rapper, many others.
FB: Who, living or dead, would be your dream to work with?

RJ: Stevie Wonder, by far.
FB: What are your go-to studio snacks?

RJ: Dried apricots and almond butter, that combo never gets old, and is a great little protein blast.


You can catch RJD2 at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley July 17th-20th. RJD2 performs Friday night at 10pm with DJ Krush and Nahko and Medicine for the People.  Tickets available









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Unleash Your Downward Dog at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

April 4, 2014
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We’re always excited for Wanderlust. It’s one of the events we most look forward to all year and lucky for us, it’s right in our backyard. So many festivals have pushed the
music as the primary draw while including yoga and wellness as a side note, but not Wanderlust! While the first few years sported heavy a musical line-up, featuring headliners such as Sharon Jones, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Michael Franti and The Wailers, Wanderlust has curated its own vibe by inviting yoga teachers from across the nation to teach yogis of all ability levels in the surreally beautiful Squaw Valley.


Caravan Palace captivates crowd at Wanderlust
Caravan Palace captivates crowd at Wanderlust

When Wanderlust was initially announced in 2009, I anticipated a very haughty-taughty crowd. Would they turn their noses up because we don’t have yoga pants, or that we didn’t know our brand of yoga mat (someone had to tell us!), or our downward dog wasn’t perfect? Turned out, that was not the case at all. Not only are the organizers great, but the yogis and music fans who come together for this event make it truly special. I began seeing a dramatic change in myself after beginning about yoga in early 2011 and I truly believe my participation in Wanderlust 2010 was important in it’s cultivation. In addition to the really nice people, organizers and instructors, the exposure to classes like  Budokan yoga, Slackline yoga, Backbends and Inversions … or even ridiculously fun classes like Seane Corn’s “Lite FM” (a class which featured all music and love songs of the 1970’s and 1980’s) has enamored us more with the practice. The diversity of classes ensure someone attending Wanderlust can be  as serious or light-hearted as they choose.


The music, workshops, speakers and yoga line-ups are top notch for Wanderlust 2014. DJ Krush and The Polyphonic Spree on the bill satisfy our “always have wanted to see yet haven’t” craving. Then a few of our favorites … RJD2, Big Gigantic and Thriftworks add in the “wows,” “whomps” and “what!?” In the non-musical landscape, we are looking forward to Roman Torgovitsky’s Soma System, Schuyler Grant’s Kula Flow, Eion Finn’s Blissology, ChiRunning with Steve Mackel, ELMNTL Fitness, and Yin Yoga with Liza Dousson…just to name a few! We are still reading up on all the enormous offerings Wanderlust offers.


Wanderlust founder Jeff Krasno answered a few questions for us about Wanderlust 2014
FB: What was the original inspiration for Wanderlust?

JK: The original inspiration came from going to Costa Rica on my wife’s (Schuyler’s) yoga retreat. There, we learned that people loved to travel, to be with like-minded community, to practice yoga in beautiful places, to eat good food, to drink a little wine and listen and dance to music. We asked ourself could we make this experience work for 4000 people instead of just 20?

FB: What could a person who practices yoga very casually receive from Wanderlust?

JK: We want to make yoga fun and accessible. Sure, we have a lot of very accomplished teachers. But many of the classes at Wanderlust are beginner / intermediate. I think the emphasis on music within the classes makes the yoga experience something that everyone can really enjoy.

FB: Your first year was a tough one! Besides bad timing of Franti’s appendix bursting, what other things did you learn that first year that has improved following years?

JK: In the first year, we ran a yoga event and music festival concurrently and, in some ways, split the audience. We learned that yoga, hiking, lectures, rafting, running formed the daytime meal of the festival and music was the nighttime desert.  

FB: Do you have any input in the music? Anyone you’ve really wanted that hasn’t been able to get on the festival?

JK: I personally booked every single act for years. Now, I defer to a younger staff that is more familiar with the cool, new acts. That being said, there are some acts that I have been working on for years. Caravan Palace was one of them. I finally made it happen last year. Fat Freddy’s Drop, a New Zealand-based dub band, is another band I’ve been chasing for years.

FB: Caravan Palace was amazing! I was very happy to see them on the line-up when it was announced. Are we back to music in the parking lot again at night or in the yoga tent? Was there any particular reason you all cut the parking lot stage out? (btw we loved the musc in the yoga tent!)

JK: The idea for 2013 model was to cluster more people in and around the village and to create a seamless nighttime experience that spanned the main tent, the tea tent and a smaller DJ stage. We like the idea that a guest can wander and discover different experience and not be confined within a tradition gated venue. We spent all this time and effort making a beautiful yoga tent and then it sat there empty at night — that didn’t make much sense.

FB: Anything you would like to add to Wanderlust?

JK: A truly next level food experience.


Wanderlust is July 17th-20th in Squaw Valley, California. For tickets, complete class schedule, lodging, camping and all information visit Keep an eye out as Fresh Bakin’ has partnered with Reno Tahoe Tonight and The Bounce Festival to give away some Sage passes and music-only tickets. CLICK ON PHOTO BELOW TO ENTER!


wanderlust tent
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Live story-telling highlights real RISKS!

March 12, 2014


Before I discovered RISK!, I can’t remember the last time I purposely drove the long way home. It was taking up my music listening time – no, not just taking it up, it was dominating it. I listened to RISK! for five hours the first day I tuned in. In the kitchen I laughed over stories of homosexual nudists adventures. I cringed as I listened to a woman speak about almost killing her mother at a young age. I sobbed in my car as I took that long way home, learning about the realities of miscarriage and adoption on all fronts.

I am a storyteller, and I have based my life around words and the power they hold if we give them weight. The concept of RISK! – a podcast of stories that people never thought they would dare tell in public – is the kind of thing that is the heartbeat behind humanity. These are the things that connect us and make us human – the telling of our lives and experiences. It’s easy to keep it bottled up inside, but comedian and RISK! creator Kevin Allison has produced a platform of storytelling that inspires people to want to keep telling.

Like the stories told on this podcast, its roots grew from Allison’s real life experience. After a friend commented on how he hoped Allison would start telling some of his own stories on stage, the element of risk involved with such full disclosure eventually turned into the now monthly event that takes place in both Los Angeles and New York City. Allison starred in the mid-90’s show The State on MTV, and since leaving to create RISK!, some prominent names in acting and comedy have been featured on his podcast, such as Sarah Silverman and Janeane Garofolo.

It seems to be what he noticed most about the success of this live story-telling was in the reactions of the audience. It’s not quite theater, and it’s not quite stand-up comedy. The stage offers a place for humans to talk about themselves and their relation to the world. What began to happen was an organic process – a purging, if you will. People feel like they can relate to a person more when they can look them in the eye. That relationship becomes stronger when they start to talk about things people can identify in themselves. It’s a safe place to feel vulnerable about something you probably would never divulge on such a public level.

This idea of live story-telling has done exactly, what I think, Allison’s intentions were: it’s helped people to see the value of the meaningful relationships they have with other people. It’s easy to believe that our lives are not paramount in comparison to what is falsely portrayed on TV and in the media, but this … this highlights the little moments in our lives that really do shape the people we are, the way we think, and why we take the risks we do.

Homeslice Productions, Fresh Bakin’ and “Welcome to Cincinnati, NV” are proud to present RISK! on April 4 at 9 p.m. at the National Automobile Museum. RISK! is a live storytelling show and podcast featuring Kevin Allison. The theme of the night will be “mixed emotions.” 18+ only, tickets are $15 in advance and $20 day of show. Doors to museum at 7 p.m., theater at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m. Purchase tickets online through or at The Melting Pot World Emporium.

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Memories of the 12th Planet

February 14, 2014

12th planet


Out of everything that I link music with, I almost always most commonly associate it with memories.

For any music lover, certain melodies bring about feelings and thoughts of moments in your life, and it’s not surprising for me to begin listening to a song or an album and be transported back into moment.

It’s also quite exciting when certain music reminds me of other music. I used to believe this was a great sign, because I could identify something in it that had already infatuated. It demonstrates something you already know you love.

Listening to 12th Planet did not inspire this feeling of familiarity, and after a while of listening to him, I’ve now come to be thankful that it did not. Instead, I found myself listening to an artist who has taken bits and pieces from all different subgenres of electronic music, as well as hip-hop, to create pieces that are radically different from one another and anything else I have listened to.

I let his Soundcloud stream play out for a few days while walking to class, cleaning, writing or reading. On more than one occasion, I had to check to make sure I was still listening to the same guy from song to song. What started with trapped out beats moved to more house elements with hints of trance, and back to trap and hip-hop.

Who is this guy grabbing from all different planes? He’s John Dadzie, listed on his website as “Los Angeles dubstep god.” It makes sense considering that when he began in 2006, he immediately started mixing tracks by Skrillex, Datsik and Kill The Noise. His presence at festivals like Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival have driven this title into stone as a well-known name in the underground electronic movement.

Can we really call this underground at this point, though? After weeks of listening to 12th Planet, he is the perfect example of why this it’s no longer underground. He has managed to make beats and melodies from all over the spectrum, which in turn draws a wide enough audience to be able to explore his versatility in these different venues with different crowds who have different tastes.

His diverse bass can be heard in mixes of Pretty Lights’ songs, and he still manages to range the spectrum from his original drum and bass roots. There are pieces of everything here and there that remind you…yeah, this musical world can still build off of one another in a different way than what we expect to hear.

Fresh Bakin’, Soulstice Sound and 1up present 12th Planet’s Smog City Tour with special guests Protohype, Son of Kick, Two Fresh and Steady on Feb. 25. Tickets are $18 in advance/$20 day of show. Doors at 9 p.m., 21+ only.