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FRESH BAKIN’ RECOMMENDS: MARDI SQUAW   The time has come again, only this time…it’s even better! Boasting more Bounce alumni than you could fit in a bounce house plus really talented djs, producers and performers from the regional area, this is THE place to be on Saturday, March 1st. The second annual Mardi Squaw is [...]

I knew I was in for a good time as soon as I saw the robot. His name is Hot Shot, and he is hilarious. The crowd in the small theater was small but highly responsive and personal, which is the perfect environment for interacting with a human-like robot capable of sexually harassing the other [...]

  Out of everything that I link music with, I almost always most commonly associate it with memories. For any music lover, certain melodies bring about feelings and thoughts of moments in your life, and it’s not surprising for me to begin listening to a song or an album and be transported back into moment. [...]

Everyone in my life always tells me that I like doing things the hard way. Maybe that’s true – but there’s some value to be seen in spending extra time and taking the much more intimate steps to detail. Music is the same way. Like all art, I don’t think it should be short-cutted. It [...]