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   …..Destroyer songs are more essays than fictions. But hopefully super passionate essays, where the world is at stake   What is it that prompts us to purchase an album, let it sit in our iTunes library (or for older people SHELF) for years or months never listened to, to then come around and unexpectedly […]

  So we are a little late…time and life got ahead of us. No worries…sometimes you have to just surrender to the flow. We are dropping some love to our favorite festivals May to mid-July. Obviously we can’t cover them all…and we are leaving out giant corporate festivals and focusing on our independent friends. Something […]

 May 2000. Where were you? I was in Cincinnati, essentially waiting to move to Lake Tahoe until my friend’s second child was born. About a year before, I was living with them…Uncle Steve living in the basement (under the staircase even…which sounds creepy especially since it was an unfinished basement). I look back on that […]

We’re always excited for Wanderlust. It’s one of the events we most look forward to all year and lucky for us, it’s right in our backyard. So many festivals have pushed the music as the primary draw while including yoga and wellness as a side note, but not Wanderlust! While the first few years sported heavy […]