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An end of an era: Lakeside Tahoe City to close

October 13, 2014
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An era is over.
You may have heard the rumors already, but it’s heartbreaking to have to say that Lakeside in Tahoe City is closing it’s doors. While you may be able to quantify the number of shows that happened there, or the humidity levels, you can’t put a number on the good times, great connections and love that poured out of that room during so many amazing show. Our very first show there was Deadweight (check them out) when it was still Pierce Street Annex. It was not only our debut there, but the first live show we produced, when I was part of a company called EBH (Emmerich, Beresford and Hogue or also named EveryBody’s House Productions).
After those shows Pierce Street closed, then became the short-lived 18-20 year old dance club called “The Deep End,” before being rebranded as Lakeside Pizza, Sports and Dancing (no questions on what they offer, eh?). They broke down the stage, built a dj booth in the corner, opened up the kitchen, added TVs and opened their doors.
Throughout the years, Lakeside has been a gracious host, allowing us to bring such incredible acts to the area and granting us free-reign to bring who we like. From Mark Farina’s marathon sets, to the dirtybird invasion, The Polish Ambassador, MartyParty, DJ Laura, Kraddy, Ana Sia, Freq Nasty, Opiuo, Wick-It the Instigator, VibeSquaD, Deekline, Random Rab, Fort Knox Five, The Scumfrog, and the one people still talk about to this day: that Bassnectar show in 2008 (that had pretty much the greatest flyer of ALL TIME).

2008 • Bassnectar at Lakeside • Flyer Design: Jude Goergen
2008 • Bassnectar at Lakeside • Flyer Design: Jude Goergen

Lakeside had originally a hard time with no liquor license as they could only serve beer and wine. For awhile we seemed to get an earful of gripes from fans about the venue, yet EVERY SINGLE ARTIST LOVE PLAYING LAKESIDE. EVERY ONE. Not only was it the face-to-face connection the performers had with the fans being at near eye level, but looking up and seeing a balcony full of people raging and a packed, bopping dancefloor. The game truly changed in that room, however, when Soulstice Sound came in. As my dear friend Kim said one day “this sound…is making hairs move on my body in places I didn’t know had hair.” Seriously it was like dancing inside a giant bass bin. It’s not an experience I’ve encountered in many venues in the United States.
Funny this is a PIZZA place primarily, so it just goes to show you never know where that magic can happen. Before we’d show up to the venue new performers ask with confusion “so this is a pizza place?” My only response was “just wait, this place is amazing. The acoustics are some of the best in out there.” They never believed me, yet always sung praises after their set. At the conclusion of Mark Farina’s last show at Lakeside in February of 2014, he said (and we are paraphrasing) “…I’ve played a lot of places in the world and this is one of the best. The sound, crowd, venue and vibe are so incredible. It ranks up there with Ibiza and great clubs in the world.” Pizza place, indeed.
It breaks our heart, but we understand. We know that change and movement is an inevitable part of life and business. In the last 14 years that we’ve been in the area we’ve seen a lot of business fade out, change or close.
The last “HURRAH!” for Lakeside and their friends and fans is going to be the Halloween show on October 31st with our good friends Love and Light, Subtropixx and Chango. While it’ll be bittersweet, you can’t really ask for a better show to go out with. Doors officially close on 11/3/2014
To the owners, managers and staff of Lakeside past and present: THANK YOU! You helped us cut our teeth promoting shows. We won, lost our shirts and broke even a bunch. But the vibes you helped created mean more than any of those things. We definitely wouldn’t be the same without you. I think I can speak for the many artists and fans across the globe too who would agree with this sentiment.

The last Hurrah at Lakeside.
The last Hurrah at Lakeside.