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Thievery Corporation, Mark Farina, Dirtwire (The Great Depressurization Chamber at the Grand Sierra)

July 30, 2014
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[July 30, 2014 – Reno, NV] Thievery Corporation travels to Reno on September 2nd for an exclusive live performance at The Grand Sierra Resort during their 2014 Fall Saudade Tour.  This show will also feature two special musical guests: house music legend Mark Farina and Dirtwire, which features David Satori of Beats Antique. The extremely special concert is considered the “main event” for Fresh Bakin’s 5th Annual Great Depressurization Chamber. The event gathers over 50 artists from Black Rock City and beyond performing poolside at The Beach, in the Summit Pavilion and latenight for an event that’s become almost as infamous as Burning Man itself.

When they met in the mid-1990s, Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton and Rob Garza instantly bonded over their shared passion for bossa nova. Dedicating their 1996 debut ‘Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi’ to bossa nova pioneer Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Washington, D.C.-based duo have spent nearly two decades creating boundary-warping, complexly crafted electronic music partly inspired by bossa nova’sintricate rhythms and lush textures. Now, with their seventh studio album ‘Saudade,’ Thievery Corporation present their first release devoted entirely to the Brazilian-born genre that first connected them. “We always try to progress into something different and stretch our musical chops, and taking a whole album to dive into this one sound seemed like a really great way to do that,” says Hilton. Adds Garza: “It’s a bit of a departure for us, but at the same time these are our roots, this is what brought us together. It’s us coming full circle from electronic music back to something organic before we move on to our next chapter.”

Saudade is available through, as well as all digital and physical retailers.

Tickets are available now at, , and at the Grand Sierra box office.


Event Title: Thievery Corporation – 2014 Saudade Tour

Event Date: Tue. September 2nd 2014

Opener Support: Mark Farina; Dirtwire

Venue:  Grand Sierra Resort

Address: 2500 E 2nd Street  Reno NV

Times: 7PM

Age Restrictions:  All Ages

Ticket Link:







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July 24, 2014
HI ALL! We are really excited to announce the final line-up for 2014’s Great Depressurization Chamber at the Grand Sierra Resort! Please click and RSVP in order to stay up-to-date on anything and everything regarding this favorite annual event.


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WANDERMUST! Wanderlust 2014

July 21, 2014
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When I followed the Grateful Dead in the 90’s and Phish still today, at the end of my run of shows I always thought, “I don’t want this to end! Can I make it to more shows by the end of the tour?” I would check my bank account and calendar, TRYING to make it happen. We call it the “post-show glow.” The community and group energy is so intoxicating and addictive that you want more.  I wanted to be enveloped in the warm embrace of the sights, sounds, smells, and be around amazing like-minded people.

At the end of this past weekend I started thinking “How can I get to Whistler? I must go!” Squaw was my fifth Wanderlust and I’ve never had this feeling before. What happened? Was the event actually better than ever? I don’t think it was, in all honesty, as all the Wanderlusts have been top notch. I can only assume that I am a different person than I was in years past. I have just put behind me a really hard year and I also think I finally figured out how to “do” Wanderlust a little better this year. I’d love to share these….


1)  Sometimes the “where” is as important as the “what” or the  “who.” If I were to regret something from the weekend it’s that I didn’t take any classes at High Camp nor made it to a pool party. Inclement weather was the main reason for missing pool parties, but taking at least one class up there is so worth it.


High Camp in Squaw Valley, CA • Photo by Matt Palmer

2)  Don’t skip out on music. The vibe in your yoga classes, when everyone is moving, breathing and meditating together, is the same vibe one can achieve on a dancefloor. When the band and the crowd are locked in, it’s the same as when a yoga class is totally locked in. I skipped a class to see the incredible Polyphonic Spree. I am very grateful for that. At night, Wanderlust curates an overall great line-up and this year didn’t disappoint. My only real complaint was the muddy sound for RJD2, and that DJ Krush had visa issues and did not show up (which is out of the hands of Wanderlust).


3)  Mix it up. In the past, I would just sign up for yoga class after yoga class. I’d end up so burnt, my wrists and my shoulders sore and not able to handle another chataranga. This year I switched it up and scheduled things to give me breaks: Kevin Wimmer’s ELMNTL Fitness (only a break from yoga with bear-crawling up Granite Chief, squats with big rocks…yes, I was sore!), Dr. Sara Gottfried’s talk on Endocrine Disruptors in the Speakeasy, my first acro-yoga class, a suspension yoga class, workshops on the deep tissue self-bodywork Soma System…which brings me to…


SOMA System workshop


4)  If there is a series of classes taught by one instructor, sign up for them all.  My first year I accidentally signed up for the same teacher over the course of three days, not realizing it was a series that built on itself. It really helped my practice. This year, I researched Roman Torgovitsky’s Soma System and it sounded really interesting, so I put myself on the waiting list and was eventually placed into all four classes before the festival began. My thinking was that if I didn’t like the first one, I could drop the rest. I’m glad I did sign up, because after that first class, word was out. It was at capacity for the rest of the weekend and they were turning people away that were on the waiting list. This strategy was really rewarding and I’ll definitely be continuing this at future festivals.


5) Every time you put your mat down next to a stranger, introduce yourself. Similarly, go to classes alone sometimes. It’s great to attend with friends, but take a solo adventure. You never know whom you might meet. I’ve found Wanderlust participants and instructors to be some of the nicest people. Go for it.

Pretty sure you can find ONE stranger in here with whom you have something in common
Pretty sure you can find ONE stranger in here with whom you have something in common


6)  Know your limits. If you aren’t a morning person, don’t sign up for an 8:00am class. This is supposed to be a fun weekend and you aren’t really in prime physical, emotional or mental condistion for an early class if you danced till 2am, then didn’t fall asleep till 4am. The dancing, community and shit-talking with your new and old friends until the wee hours is all part of the experience.


7) Bigger is not always better. Search out lesser-known instructors and not just go for the “headliners.”You’ll find yourself in more intimate classes, with more hands-on instruction.


This was my best Wanderlust, by far. If I could figure out a way to hit another Wanderlust this year, I’d be there in two seconds. WANDER-MUST…and I’m not  even a hard-core yogi. The vocabulary eludes me, I’m not vegan, I’m not into chanting in Sanskrit (although I do get down with a hearty group “OHM”), I still wear swimsuits and basketball shorts to class, and I don’t have any tattoos. Really though, none of this matters. There are a ton of different walks of life at Wanderlust and if you put yourself out there and stay open to any experience, you’ll inevitably be rewarded. See you next year Wanderlust…or maybe….later this year.




OH FESTIVAL! MY FESTIVAL! Pt 2: Mid-July to October

July 3, 2014




And we are off again into the second ½ of festival season! Funny to think that until late 90s music festivals were not the behemoths they are today. The atmospheres, the art, sculpture, camping….what did we do then? While we had the Lollapalooza  Festival tours in the mid-90’s, things changed starting in 1996 with The Clifford Ball in Plattsburgh, NY. Phish decided they could produce their OWN festival while paying a lot of attention to atmospheres, art, pranks, sculpture, performance art and a good festival atmosphere.  This then spawned Bonnaroo and a inspired so many others from there. In this list we are mentioning some on the same date, only because they are pretty different….But enough about that….here we go!

• • • • • • • •

Wanderlust_lores copy 2

One of our favorite events on earth…Wanderlust blends together our two favorite things…YOGA and MUSIC. A really nice (and nice-looking!) crowd, complete with tons of world-class vendors, interesting classes and workshops, beautiful views and a great musical line-up. Plus we finally have the chance to see The Polyphonic Spree and DJ Krush….plus some of  our faves RJD2, Bluetech, Big Gigantic and more. Can’t ever imagine missing Wanderlust.

Don’t miss: DJ Krush, Polyphonic Spree, Yoga Slackers, Shane Suffriti at the  pool

• • • • • • • •

JULY 18-20 • Mendocino/Humboldt County, CA

In it’s second year, Northern Nights is in the heart of Humboldt County where Reggae on the River has been located. Beautiful location with a diverse line-up of everything from hip hop to house, funk to temple-step. AND it’s right on the river for swimming (and you know this line-up is bringing the heat).

Don’t miss: Sabo, Lindsey Lowend, Giraffage, Justin Martin, Fort Knox Five

• • • • • • • •

July 25-27  Belden, CA
July 25-27 Belden, CA

If “all house, all the time” is your cup of tea….look no further than the 13th Sunset Campout. Originally starting in 1998 (FOR househeads BY househeads) and always known for over-the-top lighting and sound in the intimate, unique and beloved town of Belden. Swim, camp and have a Belden Burger!  Parking passes, tier 1 and tier 2 tickets are sold out, but tickets are still available!

Don’t miss: Soul Clap, Galen, Pillow Talk, Max Essa, Danny Daze

• • • • • • • •

July 25-28  Kyburz, CA
July 25-28 Kyburz, CA

Entering it’s 4th year, Bass Mtn has upped the ante with the addition of Opiuo to their line-up, bringing in their biggest headliner to date. An intimate gathering with great vibes and a new location will make this one not to miss if you want to hear anything from funk to temple-step, g-house to dub, downtempo to glitch hop, psybreaks to hip hop.

Don’t miss: Opiuo, The Pirate, Digital Rust, Zebuel, Dubcoling, Nico Luminous, Tattoo Joe Moontribe, Matt Haze

• • • • • • • •

bass coast 2014
AUG 1-4, Merritt, BC, Canada

If it was up to us, attending at least one Canadian festival should be required for US festival goers. Not that they are better, but because they are different and overall Canadians are awesome, can put together great line-ups AND it’s so beautiful up there. Bass Coast limits their attendance which creates a family vibe and the music goes beyond to just party music vibes to include really forward thinking dance music. You can either hit this or move on to the next one…

Don’t Miss: G Jones, Danny Corn, Mat the Alien, Wax Romeo, Natasha Kmeto, The Librarian, The Gaff

• • • • • • • •

AUG 8-12 • Selmo River Ranch • BC, Canada

If a festival has been going for 17 years straight, you can guarantee it’s worth checking out. Not only is the location of Shambhala beautiful but the stages are incredible, the PK Sound is on-point , there is an overabundance of world-renowned, heavily curated tunes, the music goes until sunrise (THANK YOU!) and the people are wonderful. Just remember at the Canadian festivals…..the two we mention don’t allow alcohol so hide it really well coming in. While you may think “no alcohol” is a negative, it creates a really unique and pleasant atmosphere for a change. This is a must-attend event sometime in your life.


• • • • • • • •

First City Festival Aug 23 & 24 Monterey, CA
First City Festival Aug 23 & 24 Monterey, CA

The First City Festival is held at the Monterey Fair and Event Center, a spot deeply rooted in musical history. The Monterey Pop Festival, a three-day concert held in June of 1967 at the Fairgrounds, was the first widely promoted and heavily attended rock festival, attracting an estimated 55,000 total attendees. The festival is remembered for the first major American appearances by Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Ravi Shankar, as well as the first large-scale public performance by Janis Joplin. And now the FCF kicks off with an impressive line-up and diverse selections that would make Monterey Pop proud:

Don’t miss: Cocorosie, Lake Street Dive, Beck, How to Dress Well

• • • • • • • •

v-elements 2

V Elements  Sept 27  San Diego, CA

Since starting last year, V Elements has become a beloved event in San Diego and has grown in popularity every year. Sporting a fantastic line-up of yoga teachers and musicians, idyllic location and world-class vendors, V Elements is an amazing one-day  sustainable event held on the Broadway Pier in San Diego.

Don’t Miss: Eskmo, Dantiez Saunderson, Shaman’s Dream, Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem

• • • • • • • •

TBD Festival Oct 3-5 Sacramento, CA
TBD Festival Oct 3-5 Sacramento, CA

Not To Be Determined, but The Bridge District! Rebranded from LAUNCH this year, TBD is coming in hot with an all-star line-up that includes Empire of the Sun, Justice, Blondie, Moby, Dillon Francis and Danny Brown, to name a few. Located in great location that is walkable, bike-able and will focus on tons of local cuisine, wine, beer and art.

Don’t miss: Keys N Krates, War on Drugs, Com Truise, Cherub, Kurt Vile, Sister Crayon



July 2, 2014

Our entry into the west coast electronic music scene started in October, 2000 after walking into a Keep Tahoe Deep at Sierra Nevada Pizza (aka SNP) for a Halloween party. Then Pata Place became a staple in “dj culture” for us in North Lake Tahoe, who hosted djs three Saturdays per month and where we fell in love with micah j (then known as DJ sWiTcH…and you better get the lettering right!).  He played in North Lake all the time because it seemed that the South Lake music scene didn’t have a lot of support for house and breaks in early part of that decade.  In fact, a lot of people who called South Tahoe home seemed to trek up to North Lake for the shows.

Putting on events can be really tricky in Tahoe. Shoulder seasons, weather, a lack or overabundance of snow, competition, and ticket prices all influence turnouts, and simply putting on a concert or party is truly what we call “strategic gambling.” For many years many promoters stayed away from shows in South Lake as it didn’t seem there was the crowd for underground electronic dance music. That started changing after Bassnectar sold out Montbleu Showroom in March of 2009. Of course, electronic music was blowing up everywhere at this time and more shows were happening all over the lake. Mindful Massive stepped up to the plate in 2010 and began promoting intentional events in South Lake Tahoe.

Good music draws a good crowd. Mindful Massive started similar to how many promoters did. Booking and supporting local acts that they loved and producing shows with a focus on vibe and a certain genre of music. What kind? Ryan Kandell says “we like to promote all varieties of music but really our main thing is bass…if the bass makes you move, were into it. Lately we have been into the psy bass genres of psychedelic stuff, but overall we like music that makes the dance floor move.”

And move they do! Both Mindful Massive “club” shows and Bass Mtn Fest keep the dancefloors moving with great beats and vibes. You may wonder….how did this start…well we were able to grab Ryan for some questions that helped us get to know even more about him…..

FB:” Where are you from?

RK: I was born in Peekskill, NY but moved with my mom to Tempe, AZ when I was three. The majority of my growing up was spent between my Mom’s in Tempe, AZ and my Dads in Los Angeles, CA

FB: What’s your background? Does it involve event production?

RK: My background in music production starts with my own personal music. I started playing the alto saxophone for my middle school band. After alto sax I moved on to bass guitar, which I played all through high school, including in a punk band. Also during high school I started my own car stereo business building and installing subwoofer boxes for friend’s cars. I would say I was always into speakers, loud music and good parties from an early age. In college I met a musical mentor, my friend Casey aka Safi’s Lab who at the time fronted a reggae band, and truly shaped my current taste. Also in college we began to throw renegade parties in the woods, organizing a way for a large amount of people to gather under the radar. After graduating from N.A.U in Flagstaff, AZ my fiancé and I knew it was time for a change and we decided on Tahoe. My Degree is in Arts Management which is basically running an art related business, I would say that’s exactly what I do.

Mr Irieyes
Mr Irieyes

FB: Who was your favorite band when you were 11 years old?

RK: When I was 11 I was huge into Rage against the Machine! I would say that was my jam then and still today!

FB: What influenced you to start putting on shows?

RK: I would say it was a few different things. It seemed to me at the time South Lake (Tahoe) lacked a sense of community when it came to the “show scene.” There wasn’t anything happening regularly enough to appease the group of friends we had come to know. I was also growing my own dj career at the time and needed places to book my friends and I. It almost came out of necessity, We all wanted to play music and no one was really doing what we wanted to regularly besides Fresh Bakin’ of course who has always been a huge mentor to us.

FB: What have you learned since you started doing Mindful Massive?

RK: Nothing is as easy as it seems from the outside. Lots and lots of hard work over a long time and one day you look back and say damn we have done quite a bit! I’m more humbled and stoked to be doing what I love every day. It blows me away the caliber of people who want to do business with us, and I just want to continue to push the scene as much as possible.

FB: What are the challenges of doing a weekly?

RK: Time,money and the constant evolution of music. Everyone expects that since we do it all the time, it costs nothing and is easy to do, none of which is the case. The weekly has made me realize the importance of planning and time management. It has also made me truly understand how important it is to have a network of support and a team as incredible as the Mindful Massive!

Another slamming night at Mindful Massive's weekly, Massive Tuesdays
Another slamming night at Mindful Massive’s weekly, Massive Tuesdays

FB: Do you have a favorite genre of music?

RK: Reggae for sure, hands down. Although I don’t book a ton of roots reggae or reggae bands, my heart is 100% into that vibe.

FB: How many times have you threatened yourself “I’m quitting!” in the past year? Has your opinion of music, the industry, people or anything else changed? How?

RK: Well, this year only once so far I think?! I believe its impossible for my opinion of music to not change on a daily basis, especially at the rate that music evolves. In just the 4 years we have been doing this I’ve seen the music completely shift and I’m sure it will again many times over. The adaptation is the sort of the fun in it for me. As for the industry, its corporate like any other corporate industry there is more downs than ups and dealing with the jumping of hoops has taught me a lot about business. It makes me chuckle every time I read a ridiculous artist rider asking for certain flavor smart water and only organic seaweed snacks…funny that they are “all about the music” right?

FB: What do you see as a goal for Mindful Massive? Any plans you can clue us in on?

RK: Mindful Massive is expanding…starting late this summer you can expect to see Mindful Recordings, a full service record label. Mindful Recordings will be launching with the intention of growing our local artists through national exposure and record releases weekly. Mindful Massive will also be bringing more shows through the Tahoe area and teaming up with Fresh Bakin’, Future Strange, Rambo Productions and Bass Heavy to do so! Lots of big things in the works!

FB: How did Bass Mtn come about? What challenges do you see in producing a boutique festival? Do you have plans to grow the event?

RK: Bass Mtn started as a “seed party”; meaning that we planted a seed for something larger with a very intimate gathering at the top of echo summit 4 years ago for free. The directions to Bass Mtn 1 were only given to the 13 dj’s who played and a few hundred people came. This really got the ball rolling for  what is now Bass Mtn. As festival producers we really get to show people our perception of the “perfect festival” and for us being “boutique” is very fitting. We want to stay small, intimate and create life long connections through Bass Mtn. We are a place for people to inspire each other, dream of a new world and create that world together. The biggest challenges for us with doing such a small gathering is our big imaginations; we always want to build a more beautiful festival, with more art and better music and there is a certain point where you have to be very crafty.

Bass Mtn Festival stage 2013
Bass Mtn Festival stage 2013

FB: What’s your take on the festival scene right now? What do you like/dislike about it?

RK: I think the festival scene has exploded which is good and bad. There are more people interested in new paradigms than ever before and I credit that a lot to the festival world. Mainstream culture and festival culture are starting to blend, which is creating a whole new generation of festival goers all who want to participate in this movement. As festival producers we have more power than ever with our intentions and values and I personally believe that we should be using this power to educate people and inspire.

FB: Who are some of your favorite artists?

RK: Right now I’m feeling Kalya Scintilla, Whitebear, Dubcoling, Roommate, Sizzla, Capleton, Tipper, The Polish Ambassador, Duffrey, Nominus, all my Massive Family,

FB: How has your pug Karma influenced you in life?

RK: Well my pug is the first animal I’ve really owned as an adult. She’s taught us a lot about responsibility, caring for another little being is hard work…and her personality constantly keeps my smiling and laughing. I would say she has brought a ton of joy into our lives, therefor she has helped sculpt my career immensely!

Something so small can provide so much inspiration. Karma the Pug
Something so small can provide so much inspiration. Karma the Pug

FB: Please describe your “signature” dance move?

RK: I would say I’m not to much of a dancer but when I do dance I tend to just let it go…get into the beat and forget all about my surroundings completely.

FB: When did mindful massive officially start? RK: Mindful Massive officially started around 4 years ago, We have been doing our weekly Massive Tuesday at Whiskey Dicks South Lake Tahoe for 3 years now and have no plans of slowing down one bit!

You can stay updated with Mindful Massive at and