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December 27, 2013


We’ve been working in overdrive leading up to SnowGlobe in South Lake Tahoe over New Year’s weekend. Staff writer Megan Ortiz has already covered some of our favorite acts that are also playing the afterparties (links at bottom), so we aren’t going to repeat ourselves.  In no particular order, here are a few more acts you absolutely should not miss. CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO LISTEN TO MUSIC FROM OUR FAVORITES!


THE FLOOZIES (Dec 30th, Main Stage, 3:45-4:45pm)



While we’ve never seen this act live, their soundcloud page is certainly headnoddingly groovy and makes us exited for both their festival and latenight set. Their music sounds like it would be oozing from the boombox graphic from their most recent album, “Tell Your Mother.” Funk, Miami electrobass, 80’s & 90’s hip hop fuse into a rollicking fun sound that will move your booty.




VOKAB KOMPANY (Dec 31st, Main Stage, 5:30-6:15pm)


We admit, we are biased…we love Vokab Kompany! Mix one part Beastie Boys with some old-school Red Hot Chili Peppers funk (see…Mother’s Milk and earlier) with live violin, drums, keys and MCs that drop super tight rhymes and you have one of the most high energy BANDS on the bill.


CASHMERE CAT (Dec 31st, Sierra Tent,  10:00pm-11:15pm)


Another act we have never seen live, but have heard great reviews of his live shows. THOSE BEATS! His beats are incredibly sexy with a heavy R&B influence infusing a wide array of acapellas…..layered over hip hop, house, future bass and broken beats.



EXMAG (Dec 29th, Sierra Tent, 3:45-4:45pm)


We saw EXMAG perform on Gramatik’s Age of Reason Tour and all we can say is it was really refreshing sound in a time when so much bass music is feeling a little stale. This five piece supergroup (including Gramatik) brings blues, soul, R&B, old school 70’s porno-funk and hip hop alive with singer ILLUMNTR’s soulful vocals and vibrant stage presence. If you missed them on Gramatik’s tour…don’t miss this! 


THE POLISH AMBASSADOR (Dec 29th, Sierra Tent, 6:15pm-7:30pm)

polish horse

If you ‘ve never seen The Polish Ambassador, get ready for a sexy, booty throwdown of massive proportions. Perfectly styled remixes and original productions meld together for an experience likened to your first kiss at the flagpole during recess….although did we mention that you’re kissing an attractive alien on their home planet?


Here are the blogs about other artists playing both SnowGlobe and the Late Nights at Montbleu






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December 27, 2013


DJ sabo DJ

“Never will we Bounce so Heavy on New Years….”

“It feels a little biased writing about a friend who you also think is an incredible dj, but I digress….”

Before the dust settled on 2012’s Black and White Superball, we had a feeling that was our last party in the Cal Neva. There had been plenty of “almost sold” rumors about this fabled, haunted establishment that we just couldn’t imagine it would be another whole year of the historic monument being up for sale. Turns out, we were correct in our assumptions (mostly); our annual North Tahoe multi-room party was sent off in style featuring acts such as Tipper, Pimps of Joytime, Fort Knox Five, Love and Light, Vokab Kompany, Sabo and tons of our friends and family.

It’s a new era and many of us are now spread out around the west coast.  An obvious decision was made to team up with our good friends and pull the party back to the one-room, one-vibe that this all started with. Granted, we didn’t have a huge selection in venues, but the Tahoe Biltmore has in the last year hosted a slew of awesome shows it seemed like a natural fit.

The combined effort of Bass Heavy, Fresh Bakin’ and The Bounce brings out a perfectly structured night of music to appease either the house head or bass head in us. We are bringing one of our favorite djs, SABO, to headline our NYE 2013: Bounce Heavy. Sabo was originally discovered by us when the moombahton genre emerged; as he was one of the originators along with Dave Nada, Matt Nordstrom (aka Nadastrom), and Munchi, to name a few. Sabo’s roots started in the skateboarding culture on the streets of NYC, where family, hip hop and the huge international community influenced his musical tastes. Currently he resides in Los Angeles, although his djing has been taking him across the US and internationally for many years. After booking him we discovered that Sabo, who is not only a master of tropical bass music, is one of the slickest, in the pocket house djs we’ve ever heard. Insanely tasteful music selection coupled with impeccable mixing has made this an easy choice for slots at last year’s Black and White Superball, 2013’s Bounce and NYE 2013: Bounce Heavy.

We asked Sabo some questions that he graciously responded to after shopping with his mom:


FB: You’ve been doing this awhile, did you set any specific goals that you’ve reached? Any particular goal you are still striving for?

SABO: I always set goals for myself both big and small, and many I have achieved already such as DJing in Brazil, DJing Fusion festival in Germany, playing the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man, and more kind of “dream Gigs” at certain clubs around the World. Right now my next big goal is to finish my album, and DJ more clubs around the world. I still haven’t been to Ibiza so that’s kind of at the top of the list for 2014 as well.

FB: Do you still buy vinyl?

SABO: Hell yea l love records!  Most of the vinyl I buy these days is for sample digging, but I still love the act of going to record shops, especially in foreign cities, and disovering new gems or bootlegs that aren’t available in digital format.

FB: What do you think has been one of the important changes you’ve seen (scene, musical, gear) in your career?

SABO: Somehow I managed to skip the whole laptop DJing thing, so the creation of playing on USB sticks really changed things for me, and gave my back a nice break from lugging vinyl around back in the day, to carrying around 3 or 4 CD books up until recently. The other major change or development which had a huge impact on me was Moombahton, and its acceptance and popularity. At a time when I was a bit lost musically, Moombahton hit, and it immediately “spoke” to me as a sound and tempo I had always wanted to explore further. It opened up so many doors for me creatively and gave me so many new ideas with music.

FB: You’re a great skater…Where is your favorite skate park in the world? Do you still get enough time for skating?

SABO: Wow, I’ve been blessed to skate so many great parks in my years, but some of the most memorable for me have been the Marseilles bowl on the beach in France, FDR in Philly, Taj Mahal in Montreal, and of course my hometown park growing up as a kid was Cheap Skates in Pennsylvania. There are so many epic parks in California though, so I’m still trying to explore and skate them all.  I try to skate at least once a week which is never enough, but my body and schedule cannot handle much more than that.

FB: Your style is described as: ‘Funky music to make you feel good’,- an irresistible, resonant, Balearic fusion that draws upon house, tropical bass, Latin, Brazilian, Afrobeat, disco, reggae, Cumbia, Dub, Miami bass, hip hop, funk, soul, and Moombahton.” Do you have a musical family or family member that turned you onto this myriad of international styles? 

SABO: Both my parents were sort of “closet” musicians, and they listened to a lot of jazz when I was growing up as a kid. My favorite part was always the long drum solos in jazz music. My Dad used to play bongos, and my Mom was in a jazz quartet in high school where she played the vibes, so I know that its in my blood. My cousins used to be super into disco in the early 80s too. I think those influences definitely helped me to want to explore more international sounds as a DJ.


FB: What are your go-to studio snacks to keep you moving?

SABO: Espresso, dried seaweed, and those huge boexes of mixed nuts from Costco keep me going for sure.


FB: Anything else you want to add?

SABO: I really hope there is some good snow on New Year’s Eve, so if anyone wants to go take some runs on the slopes with me holler! Been way too long since I snowboarded haha…Other than that thanks for all the support and cannot wait to BOUNCE into 2014 with everyone!




NYE2013: Bounce Heavy takes place at the Tahoe Biltmore in North Lake Tahoe. Doors and music start at 9pm. Sabo, Subtropixx, micah j, Zeb Early, Coop da Loop, Zach Rawlinson, IJV and AUX support. Tickets are $20 adv/$25door and available at, New Moon Natural Foods (Tahoe City and Truckee),  Melting Pot World Emporium (Will Call only) and Biltmore Cage. 21+





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Mesh it all together with Matt Masurka aka Gigamesh

December 27, 2013


When I was listening to Minneapolis native Gigamesh the other day, I found myself being reminded of a retro-esque Donna Summers beat. Low and behold, I looked at Soundcloud to see that his next song was a remix of Donna Summers’ “Bad Girl.”

I don’t believe in coincidences, and although it’s been apparent in numerous interviews that Matt Masurka is aware of the subconscious influence his shared Prince roots have had on his career, it doesn’t seem to be the only factor in his retro-induced style or dance music. And on Dec. 31, SnowGlobe and Fresh Bakin’ are proud to present Gigamesh with Cut Copy for the official SnowGlobe after party in The Showroom at Montbleu.

As the last in my series of SnowGlobe blogs – and only because I went in order of appearance – listening to hours of Gigamesh has gotten me extremely pumped for these after parties, and more so to see one of the few acts hosted that I haven’t seen live yet. Nothing is better than new music. Particularly when just listening to it launches you into a stream of energy that syncs so well with all of our other artists on this line up, too.

Gigamesh reminds me of some other artists in terms of his mindset in his music, like our friends Paper Diamond and Griz. His music conveys the intrigue he has for live, and the capacity with which he wants to give back through his music. Not coincidentally again, all three of the aforementioned artists either went to school for music or have been studying it in someway throughout the majority of their lives.

It is because of this that there is a certain level of emotion which can be heard in Masurka’s music. While his talent has inspired many to approach him in hopes that he will remix their songs, he also picks and chooses his own, feeling out what he can implement to enhance the good feeling it already gives him.

He also draws from other art forms, too, which is always cool to see a musician talk about readily. For example, his name is from a sci-fi novel – not something you usually expect from a boogie-down DJ, but let’s run with it. This guy doesn’t seem to fit any particular mold (did I mention he’s 6’4?) and I think he likes to keep it that way.

Whether it be conscious or subconscious, it’s no coincidence. The influx of blogs and articles being written around the internet on this guy make it easy to see that Gigamesh should be explored more often, and what better way to usher you into an awesome new year of music than ending it with an engima such as him?

Gigamesh will perform in the IglooTent on Dec. 31 at the SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe. He will then take the stage for the after party at the Showroom inside the Montbleu Casino and Resort. 21+ after party, doors at 11 p.m. Tickets for the late night are $30adv/$35door through or at the Montbleu Box Office.

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Far from dead

December 27, 2013
zeds dead
Photo credit to Maria Jose Govea/Zeds Dead Facebook

We are all so interconnected through the internet today, that we don’t realize how much we have made it a necessary function of our life. It’s second nature to believe that it holds the answer to everything, and namely, information on a person, place or thing.

Take musicians, for example. I rely a great deal on the internet in order to do my job. Not only is it my main means of communication for connecting with artists’ publicists and managers, but it’s conducive to use for research on past articles and biographies written on artists. That being said, it’s rare to encounter an artist or artists who don’t possess a website.

So that would be Zeds Dead — websiteless. Sure, they have a Facebook and a Soundcloud and other things of the like, but there is no central place of hard information regulated by them and their team. This makes research more difficult, yet also sends a message of mystery. You can listen to part of that message live in person on Dec. 30 when Zed’s Dead performs at the official after party for SnowGlobe, brought to you by your friends at Fresh Bakin’.

The Reno/Tahoe area is no stranger to Zeds Dead, and neither is the electronic music scene, for that matter. In an age of self-taught musicians who are taking action more and more off of making their dreams a reality, Zeds Dead has stuck out.

They are an amalgamate of sound – no doubt thanks in part to their label, Mad Decent, which houses other artists such as Baauer, Clockwork and Flosstradamus. With such a wide variety of musicians under one label, you would expect their artists to embody the same variety within their own work, and that is precisely what Zeds Dead is capable of.

Like all good music, you have to work for it. Many people do not listen to various types of music on a regular basis, but Zeds Dead finds a way to appeal the masses by incorporating the ever-popular electro house with dubstep, hip hop and glitch. The glitch is more notable than many artists, with hard hitting breakbeats that mold into the faster paced electro house we know and love. These two Canadians aren’t afraid to keep you guessing by speeding it up and then slowing back down, and that’s part of the mystery.

Not giving way to a lot of their music has some advantages like this. For one, it forces your opinion on the group to be based not entirely off of what their label says about them, but rather what you are actually hearing. You could sit and listen to them at home on Soundcloud, but when you can’t find any description to match what is happening in your ear drums, you’ll find yourself to be a lot more inclined to experience it in person.

Zeds Dead will perform at the Main Stage on Dec. 30 at the SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe. He will then take the stage for the after party at The Showroom inside the Montbleu Casino and Resort. 21+ after party, doors at 11 p.m. Tickets for the late night are $25adv/$30door through or at the Montbleu Box Office.

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Dirtybird’s Claude VonStroke at SnowGlobe

December 27, 2013

claude vonstroke

To begin with, the name ‘Barclay Crenshaw’ is probably the dopest name I have ever heard in my life.

It’s even better when you are reminded that it’s associated with bay area music legend Claude VonStroke. And let’s take it on home with the fact that SnowGlobe and Fresh Bakin’ are proud to present Claude VonStroke on Dec. 30 at the official SnowGlobe after party at Montbleu.

Just like his fellow Dirtybird brother Justin Martin, VonStroke’s shows are a sure thing for music that just doesn’t quit. He is one third of the group that helped bring household names of house music to the San Francisco scene, and because of that, you can be sure that his sets will send you into a groove that takes over you entirely.

There are two key, really cool things about Crenshaw’s music. First and foremost – damn, does it possess the ability to make you want to dance. There’s a kind of staggered syncopation that builds with his dancier stuff, reminiscent almost of what hip-hop likes to do. Whatever it is, it keeps your attention, because it keeps moving and progressing, learning from itself and reasoning with the way music is supposed to change.

Many would say he is underground, including his label. However, the last few years has shown serious captivation with dance music the likes of VonStroke’s. What began as something regarded mostly as exclusive to the raves of the 90s has now grown into the mainstream music system, and with wide open arms.

And the reason it has done so with DJs like Crenshaw is because of the second reason his music is so funky, which is that it’s also easy to listen to. I find myself getting stuck for hours on his music while I write, while I clean, while I drive — while I do anything. There exists moments that it makes you pay attention to the dance aspect of it, but also contains a sincere and chill vibe to it.

No matter your preferences, Claude VonStroke can find a way to move you. Whether it be more through the feet or through the soul is entirely up to you, depending on how you choose to listen to his music. With these Dirtybird guys, it seems that’s exactly the way they like to keep it.

Claude VonStroke will perform in the SierraTent on Dec. 30 at the SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe. He will then take the stage for the after party at Blu inside the Montbleu Casino and Resort. 21+ after party, doors at 11 p.m. Tickets for the late night are $15adv/$20door through or at the Montbleu Box Office


Building Kastles

December 22, 2013


How do you engineer a sound?

Humans inherently know the steps and processes, but we rarely take the time to break it down slowly, understanding it in its tiniest form.

What happens when you do break it down is incredibly clean music, like that produced by Pittsburgh native Barrett Richard. You may know him as Kastle, or maybe not at all. This is a good thing — go into it open minded on the 29th when Kastle plays with Gramatik at the official SnowGlobe after party at Montbleu inside the showroom.

Although Richard has been a musician since the age of 12, he also has a degree in audio engineering which he has now transpired to sound. What he creates is something I would like to dub “math music.” You might recognize this to be synonymous with “math metal” (if you listen to metal), but Kastle’s music has convinced me that the term can and needs to be applied across the music spectrum.

It’s the kind of music you need to listen to a few times before you make any definitive opinion on it, and mostly because it makes you think and pay attention. There is a certain kind of skill required to move between deep house melodies while playing with the beat structure. Like an equation, Richard is quite effective at this, and if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss the most important part of the problem.

His blend of R&B and Chicago style house beats has helped him create quite a name for himself. Known to do a lot of improvisation in his live sets, Richard created his own label – Symbols Recordings — in an effort to, in his words, extend himself and his music.

He’s been called dubstep and soulful, and only one of those I’ll agree with, and that’s the soul part. This kind of explains his moniker, Kastle, as a castle is a symbol of strength and impenetrability. With precision like his in music, it’s undeniable that he most certainly is a strong and powerful force.

Besides, if you can take a Justin Bieber song and make it something truly more awesome than it was to begin with, you’ve got my vote. It’s going to be a tough call between him and Justin on the 29th, but I recommend taking some time to see a bit of both. If anything, Richard’s music will certainly force another listen upon you, leaving you wanting to solve the problem in the way it was intended to be solved.

Kastle will perform in the SierraTent on Dec. 29 at the SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe. He will then take the stage for the after party at the Showroom inside the Montbleu Casino and Resort. 21+ after party, doors open at 11 p.m. Tickets for the late night are $20adv/$25door through or at the Montbleu Box Office


Bringin’ down the house with Justin Martin at SnowGlobe

December 20, 2013

justin_martin_541 copy

I’m never mad when it’s winter.

Many people travel to the Reno/Tahoe area in the summer; however, Lake Tahoe also boasts a pretty bitchin’ winter season. Aside from all the world-class ski resorts within a 45 minute drive of Reno, there’s sledding, snowshoeing, and who could forget the most exciting winter activity that Tahoe has to offer: SnowGlobe.

Oh no, my friends, just because it’s below freezing doesn’t mean the music stops. The annual event that takes place in South Lake Tahoe each winter will, once again, drop on the 29th and span all the way into the new year. Per usual, the lineup features some big name acts such as Tiesto, Snoop Dogg, Cut Copy, Beats Antique and Dillon Francis.

And this year once again, we bring you something extra special afterwards: SnowGlobe and Fresh Bakin’ are teaming up to present the SnowGlobe late night after parties. The kickoff, Dec. 29 at Montbleu, will feature not one but two parties, with Gramatik and Kastle taking down the Showroom and Justin Martin, Galen, Bones and Craigslist Hook-Up dropping some booty shakin’ house in Blu.

I could go on and on about how awesome I think Justin and his brother Christian are. About how, together with Claude VonStroke, they scraped together their own funds and created what they saw lacking in the bay area music scene in 2003 with Dirtybird records, which has turned into a name now recognized worldwide.

But I’ll stop there, and just emphasize that it’s important you remember these details to appreciate and understand the music the Martin brothers produce, particularly Justin. It reminds you that the music being produced is so much more than just something to dance to.

Justin produces the kind of music that just puts you in a damn good mood. In fact, his was the only set at this year’s Bounce Festival that I didn’t leave for the entirety of. It was two hours of solid, groovy, just right beats that make you want to move your feet and hug the stranger next to you, declaring them your new best friend.

Even better about Justin, is he is probably doing the same thing. It’s always a good sign when a DJ is dancing – a lot – to their own music. It has to be hard to be a musician because of this, but the mark of a good one is one who creates at such a constant and diverse rate that they never get bored. He knows how to carry a melody all the way through a song, while also giving you that raw, “this is something I’ve never heard before” feeling.There’s something more about his music, though, that is very hard for an artist to achieve, and that’s personability. And I don’t mean it in the way I did with Pretty Lights, but rather it’s warm and almost…generous. The music is giving to you, opening up to you and making you feel like wherever you are when you hear it is home. It’s comfortable, but still just as interesting after all this time.

Justin Martin will perform in the Igloo Tent on Dec. 29 at the SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe. He will then take the stage for the after party at Blu inside the Montbleu Casino and Resort. 21+ after party, doors at 11 p.m. Tickets for the late night are $15adv/$20door through or at the Montbleu Box Office